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Chris Brogan is Blunt to Small Businesses that Ignore the Internet

chrisbroganAbout Chris Brogan:

What would you tell small businesses who refuse to blog or use social media?

I would tell them “Hey, I hope you do well with your business.” I never tell people anything in absolutes. If you have an amazing company and everyone knows about it and you can barely keep up with the orders and sales, then who cares? If you’re not making that happen, then maybe you should peek at the whole digital space to see if maybe there’s revenue sitting around waiting for you.

What are the biggest mistakes you see with Business Blogs & how can they be addressed?

MOST business blogs are ‘me me me’ and boring as all get out. It’s astounding to me how few people realize that once you get the opportunity to be in front of someone else, they’re hoping you’ll help THEM succeed, not the other way around.

What is the next big bend in the road in terms of social media?

I can tell you that it’s mobile above all else. All the big news stories have been all about mobile and that will continue.

If you lost everything and had to start from zero again what would your first week look like.

I would build a website, start a newsletter, get online, and start finding people to help.

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