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5 Signs Your Website may be Killing Your Business

Your Website is Killing your BusinessYou run a great business, but you need more leads from your website. You’ve tried pay per click but that just burnt a hole in your pocket (& quickly!). Your web designer assures you that it will all start working soon, but you need new business NOW, not in 6 months.

Do you sometimes feel you’ll never catch up with the competition?

You’re not alone. Many business owners experience that same feeling of being at the mercy of events that they feel powerless to control. Especially when it comes to the internet.

But it is possible to very quickly get great results from your website. The trick is to focus on 5 simple areas of your website.

Would you like to learn how to quickly turn things around?

Good, let’s have a look at each in turn.

Sign #1: You do not appear on page 1 of Google

OK, sure you appear if you search on your company name, but people aren’t searching on that. They’re searching on what you do. They are looking for the product or service you offer.

How to Spot this sign

Apart from the obvious fact that the phone isn’t ringing like crazy & you aren’t worked off your feet, a simple glance at your website statistics will show you that you are getting very little traffic from Google.

The effect on your business

Traffic is like oxygen. Cut it off & your business will asphyxiate. Failure to fix this means that your entire business is at risk from smarter competitors.

How to fix this

This is EASY. Just follow these simple steps & you could have this done in an hour or so. Refer to the videos & resources on our Lazy Website page for step by step instructions::

1. Choose the best keywords. Think of Goldilocks. Choose keywords that aren’t too hot & aren’t too cold. You want keywords that get traffic, but are not so competitive that you stand no chance of getting a good ranking.

2. Include your keywords in the pages of your website. Sounds complicated but it is very straightforward. For in depth step by step instructions, use our free workbook Keyword Mastery for Traffic

Sign #2: You do not have a blog on your website

Your blog serves several really important functions:  a) Google loves blogs & will reward you with extra traffic, b) it sets you apart from your competitors – they won’t do this (don’t believe me, go check their websites), c) it allows you to become an expert, an authority in your field.

How to spot this sign

Simple – you don’t have a blog. If you do, it is not updated very often. Or it is all about you (big mistake!) rather than about your customers & what they want.

The effect on your business

Your website is static. Static = Google death. Google wants websites that grow & are updated frequently with interesting, traffic worthy content. If you don’t have a blog your business is just going to become invisible online. Period.

How to fix this

Easy. Install a blog. We recommend WordPress & it is free with our hosting plans. It is easy to install & easy to post content. Check the blogging set up videos at our Resources Page.

But don’t just post any old content. Create a Content Marketing Strategy using our free Content Marketing Workbook.

Sign #3: You do not have a mobile friendly website

Mobile is where the action is. Your potential customers are driving or walking around & they are searching for YOU! But where are they searching? At home, in the office? No, they are via their phone or tablet as they go about their daily business.

How to spot this sign

Mobile to the ready – check your website. Be honest. If it is not mobile friendly you need to fix that ASAP.

The effect on your business

If your website is not mobile friendly, guess what? You got it. They click the “back” button & go to your mobile friendly competitor.

Failure to fix this means you are going to continue to miss out on the “mobile revolution” (which is the future of online!)

How to fix this

Just get a mobile friendly website. Go to Mobile Website Builder to see how you can set up a mobile website in minutes.

Sign #4: Your website copy sucks

Keywords in place, tick.

Website optimised, tick.

Blog set up, tick.

Mobile friendly website, tick.

No new business, tick.

Why is that? You’ve done everything you need to & you’re getting traffic. But why aren’t the orders flooding in?

Simple. Your website copy sucks. You need to excite people. You need to get them to understand “What’s in it for them”.

Instead, what do they get? “Welcome to our website” – do me a favour.

Then you tell them all about you. How great you are. Why your management team is amazing & how many degrees you all have. Boring, boring, boring!!

It’s all about you. That needs to change. You need to talk about them. What they need.

How to spot this sign

Look at your website. Copy the headline on your home page into a document. Now repeat this with your competitors headlines & create a list.

Notice anything? They are all little waves in a sea of sameness.

This is your chance. Stand out. Be different. Be engaging.

The effect on your business

You have seconds to convince people to stay. Your headline & the sub headlines is your chance to leave a mark.

If you don’t, they’ll be back to the search results double quick. Repeat this consistently, day in & day out and it adds up to a huge missed potential.

Fix it though & people will stay long enough to find out more about you.

How to fix this

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to create engaging copy for your website. If you need some inspiration, refer to the copywriting section in our (free) book – you can claim your copy here.

Focus on one person – your ideal customer. If you don’t know how to do this then use our free Marketing Plan Workbook at & this will show you how to create an ideal customer avatar.

Once you know your ideal customer & you know their biggest issues you can create a powerful headline to address this on your website. Back this up with benefit rich, customer focused copy & you will gain a huge advantage.

Sign #5: You do not offer a free gift

You’re not there to greet your visitors when they come to your website. How do you know who they are? How can you hope to maintain contact with them long enough to convince them?

Simple. Offer a free gift that is delivered INSTANTLY. Everyone loves a free gift. Especially one that helps them or educates them or addresses their biggest need.

Doing this allows you to gather their contact details & you can follow up. Failure to do so means that they are just another blip on your traffic radar.

How to spot this sign

Take a look at your website. Then check your competitors. Do they offer something for free, like a report? If they don’t this is another HUGE opportunity for you.

People love free. Especially if they have a need or a problem. People love free reports, pdfs, etc..

The effect on your business

If you don’t offer something of value from your website then you are unable to follow up with your visitors. You are unable to claim expert status either.

Customers who are informed & educated are far more likely to trust you. They are pre-disposed to use you because they respect you as an expert.

The opposite is also true – fail to educate or be perceived as an expert & you are “just another supplier”.

How to fix this

Remember that old presentation that’s gathering dust on your hard disk? A few tweaks here & there & you have a great report.

Sift through your outbox. All those sales enquiries you’ve answered over the years – more valuable content.

It’s all there – all you need to do is to give it some structure & address people’s needs & you’re up & running.

Using our free, step by step “Letter of Letters” Marketing Plan you can easily identify a free gift for your customers. Offer it prominently on your website & use a tool like Aweber to capture contact details.

Refer to Chapter 3 & the section “Talkers are Hawkers & Writers are Experts” in our book “The Lazy Website Syndrome” for some ideas to inspire you.


Fixing your website may appear like a daunting task, but it’s not really as hard as it first appears.

Sure, fixing it all in one day – now that is hard. I agree.

But here’s the secret: you don’t have to do it all at once. Start with what is going to give you the best return – your keywords. In my experience most businesses either ignore this completely or get it wrong.

This is a great opportunity for you to get an advantage & quickly.

But the biggest change is in you. In your mindset. You are an expert. You are an authority on your area of expertise. Let that shine through in your website’s content, in your blog & in that amazing free report that you have.

OK, you might not get it 100% right straight off, but you can improve it over time.

The key is to take action. Today.

Let me know how you get on & let me have your ideas & questions below. It is amazing how a second pair of eyes on the same problem can come up with a completely different solution.

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