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Domain Registration – What does “register a domain name” mean?

Domain Registration

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Domain registration is the process of registering a domain name (web address) on your name.

When you register a domain name you need to make sure that the domain name will be registered under  your name.

It is very important to make sure that this happens as the owner of the domain name legaly will be the contact that appears when you do a whois search.

When you do a whois search you want to make sure that you are the registrant.

You should think of your domain names as pieces of internet real estate.

You want to make sure that it is all done correctly and under your name to avoid any future disputes.

A domain name is super easy to register….

You might want to read the following page where I go into more detail

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And If you need a website and want to publish it to the internet or have a designer publish it to your domain name you will need a web hosting service.

You can read more about what web hosting is and the different options at…

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How to transfer domain names (Easy Guide to Transferring Domain Names)

how to transfer domain names

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I often get asked about the process of transferring a domain name.

The domain transfer process is very simple.

How do I transfer a domain name away from my current domain name registration provider to a new company?

In order to transfer a domain name away from one company to another you need to first purchase a domain transfer service via the new company you wish to transfer to.

For example. If you wanted to transfer a domain name to Pickaweb you would need to follow the following steps to do so.Transfer Domain Names to Pickaweb

You would select the option to Transfer Domain Names from the drop down menu on our navigation bar.

Select option to transfer domain to Pickaweb

Then you would select the option “I want to transfer my domain to Pickaweb”

The cost for transferring a domain name is the same as 1 year of registration.

Once the domain name has been successfully transferred to us it would automatically add an additional year of registration to your domain.





If you have a UK domain name such as, the domain transfer is FREE.

What happens once I have ordered the domain name transfer?

The owner of the domain name, (the admin email contact) will receive an email asking to approve the transfer.

Once you approve it it will take several days for the domain transfer to go through.

In the meantime, your domain name will continue working as usual.

There is no downtime when you transfer from one company to another.

What changes only is who is responsible for the domain name, for future renewals and so on.

You need to make sure that your domain name has the unlocked status when you are transferring away.

You should normally be able to unlock yourself via your current domain name registration provider.

If you are unable you need to contact them and request it from them.

Also, If you are unable to accept the transfer because your email address has changed you need to contact your current domain name registration provider to update your details.

If for some reason the company that you registered the domain name with no longer exists you would need to contact the domain registrar directly eg: If you have a domain name you would contact Nominet (which is the organization that issues UK domain names)

There is an additional step in the process for transferring a UK domain name away.

How Do I transfer a UK domain name to another company?

If you have a UK domain name, apart from ordering the transfer as indicated in the image above.

There is no cost associated with transferring UK domain names to us.

You can do that at no extra cost.

You also need to change the IPS tag.

What is an IPS Tag?

An IPS tag only applies to UK Domain names, such as and
The tag is used to identify the company responsible for the UK domain.
If you wish to change domain providers you would need to change the IPS Tag.
The IPS Tag change has to be made through your current domain registration provider. If you are unable to contact your current provider any longer you can contact Nominet. which is the UK organization that issues UK domain names to make the change for you. The IPS tag change can take 24-48 hours to take effect.

You should be able to do this just by login in to your domain name registration control panel (with your current domain name provider)

There you would change your IPS tag to PICKAWEB

Once you have done so you need to contact our support team to let us know.

I hope you find this information useful.

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If you wish to transfer your domain names to Pickaweb you can do so at Transfer Domain to Pickaweb Page



Can I register domain names with hyphens, dots or spaces?

Domain Name Hyphens, dots or spaces

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I frequently get asked if a domain name can be registered with hyphens, dots or spaces.

I have put together a video for you so that you know what the best practices are when it comes to registering new domain names.
We walk you through some examples step by step.

If you have any specific questions or feel something was not covered please put your comments below.

Watch this video…

1. Can I use spaces in my domain name?

NO. You cannot include spaces in your domain name. It needs to be an all in one word.

To give you an example, If you search for the following domain name which includes spaces…

domain name with spaces







You will get the following error message ….

Domain with spaces error


So… To recap, you have to search for domain names without spaces when looking to register domain names.

2. Can I use hyphens in  domain names?

YES. You can use hyphens when looking to register a new domain name.

A domain name with hyphens could look look like something like this…

domain name with hyphens






My personal opinion would be to try to avoid domain names with hyphen because they are more difficult to remember. When you give the domain name to your friends and customers they may not remember if it did have hyphen or not.

There are some popular websites that have hyphen on their domains but it is a minority.

In terms of branding I would recommend it without. It just looks cleaner and will be easier to remember.

3. Can I use dots in my domain name?

NO. You cannot use dots in your domain names.

If you were to do that eg: like on the example image below…

Dots in Domain Names






You would get the following error message…

Domain with Dots Error





But… what you can have is a subdomain and that would include dots eg:

In this case you could set up the subdomain based on your domain name in your web hosting control panel.

For those that do not know what Web hosting is, it’s just the space that you need in a server that is connected to the internet 24×7 so that you can publish your website, setup email accounts eg:

I hope you found this post useful.

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How much does it cost to register a domain name?

cost of registering a domain

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The cost of the domain name registration depends on the actual domain name extension that you are interested in.

By extension I mean eg: .com,, .net, .info, .biz etc.

Some domain names can be registered for up to 10 years.

You can see here our web hosting & domain name registration costs

You can check if your domain name is available by using our domain name search facility.

To give you an idea on costs:

Domain Registration Prices

Domain Registration Prices

What is a Domain Name & Why Should I register one?

what is a domain name?

photo credit: WingedWolf via photopin cc

A domain name gives you a way a much easier way of remembering an Internet address. This name is unique. A domain name is your piece of internet real estate.

At present 100.000 domains are being registered monthly. You should register your domain now since in the near future they might be taken. A domain name provides a professional look to your company or association.  Anyone can register a .com, .net, .org , .biz, .info, .name, .eu, or domain names.

There are different types of domain names that you can register eg:. com, .net, .org , .biz, .info, .name, .eu, or If you are a UK business I would strongly recommend going for a domain name.


What do I get when I register a domain name?

When you register a domain name you become the owner of the domain name and you have the rights to use it.

Nobody else can use it for as long as you keep renewing the domain name. (some domains can be registered for up to 10  years)

With UK domain names you also get an ownership certificate sent to you by post.

With other domain extensions you do not get a physical certificate you just get email confirmation.

When you register a domain name you also get:

  • Online Control Panel (to manage all aspects of your domain name eg change contact details)
  • Email and Web Forwarding (you would need this if you want to forward email to another email account or if you want to redirect the domain name to an existing website)
  • DNS Management (you would use this if you want to change the server where your domain name is pointing to)
  • 24×7 Tech Support

 How long does it take to register?

UK domains and .com/.net/.org/.info/.name/.biz names are all registered instantly but the whole process of registration can take take approx 24 hours.

If you have any questions please post them below.