How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing (Step By Step Guide)

In this post I’m going to show you step by step how to optimize your Google My Business Listing. You’ve got your Google My Business Listing set up. Great! Think you’re done with your local marketing now and you can put your feet up? Not so fast. Adding your business to Google My Business is


7 Essential Social Media Tools For Small Business

Small business tools for social media

In this post we’re going to look at Social Media Tools for Small Business and choose seven of the best for you. I know a fair few small business owners who say that social media is “unmanageable” or “too complicated”. And more often than not it’s time that’s the issue. And that’s strange when you


Local B2B Business Social Media Plan (e.g. Accountant)

social media plan

In today’s post I’ve got a Social Media Plan for a local Business to Business (B2B) Business. This plan is based on an Accountant to help bring it to life but you could adapt it to your own business, for example one of the following: Administrative / Business Support Services Business Coach Commercial Legal Services


9 Types of Small Business Video That Are Easy To Create

Different types of business video

Small Business Video is a seriously underused tactic. Here we explain why you should consider adding video to your online marketing and give you 9 types of video that small businesses can create. Let’s be honest. For most businesses video is an afterthought. It just seems to be something we’ll get round to sooner or


Knowledge Management For Your Company in 2017: A Guide For Business Owners

How to manage your company knowledge

Managing your knowledge is one of the most important tasks for your business, but it can be hard to know where to start. With the rapidly developing technologies available and increased emphasis on fast-paced innovation, knowledge management will be crucial to helping your business flourish and succeed in 2017 and beyond. The Journal of Knowledge