10 Fast Ways to Dramatically Improve Ecommerce Sales (Podcast)

Tips on how to improve ecommerce sales performance

Hi, it’s Tony here, and in today’s podcast, we’re going to be looking at 10 ways that you can improve Ecommerce sales.

So if you’re selling online, it really is tough out there.

There’s huge competition. Massive businesses like Amazon and eBay, and these guys are just spending a ton of money on advertising. They’re absolutely everywhere.

It’s a ruthless industry to be in.

But that doesn’t mean to say that you just have to take it lying down. You can fight back. And that’s what this podcast is all about.

So I’ve got 10 killer ecommerce tips for you. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • I’m going to show you a tool that’s going to give you a huge return on investment in just a few minutes.
  • I’m going to show you how to massively improve your conversion rates.
  • I’m going to give you the key factors which will determine whether you’re either a winner or a loser in Google’s eyes.
  • And I’m going to explain one simple mistake that many, many ecommerce websites make and which you must avoid at all costs

So, let’s get stuck in.

Ecommerce Tip #1 – Mobile Friendly

Number one, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. And the reason for this is mobile commerce or m-commerce, as it’s known, is huge.

These days people aren’t just sitting at home browsing on their desktop. They’re walking about with their mobiles or with their tablets, whichever sort of mobile devices they’re using. That’s how they’re browsing the Internet, that’s how they’re buying.

The best solution is to make sure that you use a responsive website. That’s basically a type of design that will look good on any device.

Also, you need to be aware that Google is penalizing non-mobile websites now. So you’re going to have to make that switch sooner or later.

So, number one, make sure you’re mobile friendly.

Ecommerce Tip #2 – Use Live Chat

Number two, use live chat.

Now, I absolutely love it and there are loads of benefits to using Live Chat.

If you’re serious about selling more online you need to have Live Chat on your website.

I just don’t know where to start with live chat. We’ve been using it at Pickaweb for years and quite honestly, we just couldn’t run the business without it. And it’s just so good for so many reasons.

It’s instant, people love that kind of anonymity. They can just click on a button, they haven’t got to phone somebody up.

You can provide them with links, you can provide them with pages, you can give them advice about the products that they’re purchasing.

You can do all sorts of things. You can deal with returns, you can deal with payment inquiries, billing, etc.. So I would strongly encourage you to use live chat.

And if you’re sitting there thinking, “Oh yeah, but my customers just don’t like live chat,” you’ve just got to get that kind of stuff out of your head. Because those are the exact types of customers who are sitting at home all day long, walking about all day long with their mobile phones, chatting away on WhatsApp.

People are conditioned to use chat. So you really need to throw that in the mix. Make sure that your website has got live chat on it. It works with your mobile, so you can be out and about chatting with customers.

Definitely, definitely use Live Chat.

Ecommerce Tip #3 – Product Videos

Number three, use video.

Now it’s estimated in terms of conversion that using video on Ecommerce websites can increase conversions by up to 80%.

That’s absolutely huge!

And they say that by 2021 over 80% of all the Internet traffic is going to be video. So you need to start including video in the mix.

So it could be product videos, it could be unboxing, it could just be you demonstrating a product. There are loads of ways to use video in your marketing.

Just be creative, you haven’t got to go out and spend a ton of money and get a big production team with lighting and soundtracks and all sorts of things like that.

Just keep it basic.

People just want to see the product. So definitely, number three, use video.

Ecommerce Tip #4 – Fast Hosting

Number four, use fast hosting.

And there’s a number of reasons for this.

Number one, Google prefers faster websites, so it’s good for your ranking.

Number two, customers prefer faster websites. They don’t want to be sitting around waiting for pages to load and stuff like that. So definitely use fast hosting.

SSD hosting definitely delivers the goods, if you’re on a budget. It is more expensive than normal shared hosting.

SSD stands for solid state drives. And that’s a type of hard drive that we use, solid state. There’s no moving parts in the disc drive, it doesn’t actually spin like traditional hard drives.

Are they fast? Oh yes – they’re hundreds, even thousands of times faster than traditional hard drives!

If you’ve got a really busy website you may want to think about VPS or even a dedicated server, where you’ve got allocated resources, so you’ve got a lot of RAM. And it’s only you using the server. So, the key point here though is that fast websites sell more.

So definitely move to fast hosting.

Ecommerce Tip #5 – Secure, HTTPS Hosting

Number five, you need to have a secure website.

Nowadays HTTPS is the basic price of entry when it comes to website security.

And HTTPS is the padlock that you see at the top of the website, the green line that protects the website in the browser bar.

It used to be purely for payment pages. However, HTTPS is now a Google ranking factor. So Google’s actually stated it gives preference to HTTPS or secure websites.

So this is something that you need to have and think about. We’ve got lots of content on our blog which talks about how to switch to HTTPS.

You’re going to need to get an SSL certificate, but they’re very cheap and it’s a very worthwhile investment.

Ecommerce Tip #6 – Use Better Images

Okay, number six, use better images.

Now, here, don’t just use the manufacturer’s images, what you want to do is create your own images that POP!!

If you start going and looking at your competitors and you’re selling the same products, you’re going to probably notice that they’re using the manufacturer’s images. But why not create your own ones?

These days, the web is increasingly visual. Look at social media, over 80% of all social media posts have got some kind of visual element to them. Sites like Pinterest are really, really important.

So images and photos, they’re absolutely vital if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Ecommerce Tip #7 – Better Product Descriptions

Also, write your own product descriptions.

Don’t just cut and paste the manufacturer’s product descriptions.

“Why’s that?” I hear you asking…

Well, the simple reason is that if you do that, you’re in danger of getting penalized by Google for using duplicate content.

And basically, if you just use the manufacturer’s descriptions, again, same as your competitors then whoever’s the strongest competitor on the block is going to get the top ranking because Google is just looking at that duplicate content.

So it’s a BIG mistake.

The best way to avoid this is is just create your own descriptions. Just think about your customer, speak their language and just really hit them with some really good product descriptions.

If you’re selling a lot of products, start with your most important ones first. I know you’re going to have a lot of work to do, but it’s definitely, definitely worthwhile.

Just hit your customers with the benefits. Show them the features a bit further down, but really hit them high up with the benefits of your products.

Ecommerce Tip #8 – Get More Reviews

Number eight, get reviews.

Customer reviews are just pure sold gold – so don’t be shy about asking for them.

And when you’ve got them, just make sure that you show them clearly where people can see them. And that’s front and centre on your product pages.

There are all sorts of Ecommerce review tools that you can use if you’re an ecommerce vendor, that you can automate this into your process so it will automatically ask people for reviews once they’ve purchased from you. But definitely, getting reviews is important.

Ecommerce Tip #9 – Better Site Search

Number nine – better site search.

This might sound like a small point but a great site search facility is REALLY important.

This is especially true if you’ve got lots and lots of products. Because basically, you need to make it easy for people to go and find what they want. You need to make it quick, easy, and pain-free.

So show your site search prominently, where people are going to see it and where they’re going to use it. Think about Amazon’s search box. The way that that kind of auto-populates and gives you suggestions, that’s the sort of thing that you need to have.

And with ecommerce platforms these days there are all sorts of Ecommerce search add-ons that you can use.

Ecommerce Tip #10 – Better ‘Thank You’ Pages

Finally, number 10, use great Thank You pages.

When you’ve made the sale, fantastic, that’s brilliant!

But it isn’t over just then.

You need to take people to a really nice ‘Thank You’ page because this is a huge opportunity for you to continue talking to your customer, to continue the conversation.

There’s loads of options here.

You could ask them for social shares, you could ask them to join a newsletter, you could ask them to fill in a survey, give you a review, refer a friend.

But this small detail, if it’s happening day in day out, it can have a huge difference on your business.

Wrap Up

So there you go. That’s my top 10 tips to sell more through your ecommerce website. I hope you found that useful. Keep listening, we’ve got loads more great podcasts for you, okay? Thank you very much for your time. I’ll speak to you soon.

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