10 Influencer Marketing Strategies That You Need To Know

guide to influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the new owner of the digital marketing industry and it is not only benefited from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. The leading brands working in healthcare, hotels and travel are also getting good results from their influential marketing campaigns and also Email Marketing.

Here are 10 strategies for influencer marketing that can help you get the best results from all your marketing campaigns.

#1 – Coupon code

These codes are integrated into the contents of the influencer to give incentives/push to customers to purchase.

#2 – Blog posts

Writing a blog post for your services/products spreads brand awareness and may attract more traffic to your website. Posts that have brand-specific content, users are referred to making opinions about your brand or service and guiding them to shopping.

#3 – Brand Mentions

Did you know that 40% of people on Twitter decide to buy an item after being influenced by influencer tweets? This is the effect of brand mentions on social platforms.

Starwood received 500,000+ followers and this list continues to grow with every new influencer associated with the brand.

#4 – Awards and Giveaways

Companies also organize competitions and liabilities with the support of influencers to sell their products in the market.

In December 2016, Southwest Airlines ran an impressive Leadership Competition # Southwest port on Instagram. Effective 12 travel sent to 12 destinations and asked to share their experiences online. The winner of the competition was the $ 500 southwest gift certificate. The influential campaign promoted this campaign by tagging their entries with campaign-specific hashtags.

It not only expanded the reach of this campaign but also increased brand awareness.

#5 – Long-term partnership with Influencer

Sharing with an influencer gives long-term value to a brand. It helps brands to tap a large number of Influenza followers and promote their products/services. During the 2017 Super Bowl, Airbin used Lady Gaga to promote her properties and achieved extraordinary results. Posts related to living in an Airborne property of Lady Gaga over 500,000 likes and 4,000 comments collected.

#6 – Company events

Occupations are often organized for product promotion and brand awareness, which collects excessive media attention. You can partner with influential people to provide further social media coverage for such incidents to boost your marketing efforts.

#7 – Acquisitions

Often the brands agree to hand over influential people to their social media accounts for posting on behalf of the company for some time. This strategy, called Social Media TakeOver, has more brand promotion and customer engagement.

#8 – Guest posting

This is a common strategy implemented by major brands to optimize the effectiveness of their effective marketing initiatives. For posting a guest post on the company’s social media pages to create an impressive image, brands post influencer sites to tap their networks and influencers.

#9 – Free products

Offering effective products and services to influencers in exchange for their thoughts and experiences is a great way for effective people to compensate for their efforts and to take advantage of their influence to benefit their brand.

#10 – Challenging your influencers

Drive the motivation to gain some competition. Therefore, when influencers are challenged to receive maximum choice, sales or interaction, they are motivated to win the list and reach the top. This promotion makes it even more fun to make the activity even better.

All the 10 effective marketing strategies described above have helped businesses gain more leads and more sales. Regardless of the industry, you do deals, the success of your influencer marketing campaign will depend on your ability to identify the right platform and strategy for your impressive effectiveness and accurate branding and messaging. So take as much time to test each strategy for your marketing mix.

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