10 Myths About Instagram For Business

Instagram represents one of the best marketing opportunities for any business in the social media game. It currently has in excess of 800 million followers, which means a lot of people use it daily. Rivals like Snap Chat have 160 million active accounts in comparison, so there is a lot more opportunity on the bigger Instagram platform.

More than half the active accounts on Instagram come by for a visit on a daily basis. Therefore, you have repeat opportunities to grab the attention of the same user. There are plenty of meaningful ways that you can market your products and services on Instagram today.

Is Instagram Really Popular Among Companies?

If you’re unsure of how to go about it then look at what others are already doing on there. Up to 60% of well-known companies are currently using Instagram to market their product. Some of them post daily and with a high degree of success too.

There is no need to figure things out for yourself with so many companies posting examples. Whatever industry you’re operating in you’ll find countless competitors that are creating the same kind of posts you can benefit from posting. Don’t copy your competitors, but instead use their posts for inspiration.

Despite the huge potential that Instagram offers for the business world, there are a lot of naysayers. The skeptics have created a number of myths, which are outlined in the graphic below created by Proessaywriting. These myths can be destructive, because they instill doubt into your mindset.

Let’s say that you have had a tough month on Instagram with marketing. Once you come across any of these myth it’s very easy it start believing them. However, they are created on false or incomplete information.

Debunking Myths

In the graphic below we will put all your Instagram fears to rest by showing you why the myths are incorrect. You’ll see that for the average company marketing on Instagram is a golden opportunity that’s highly cost-effective. You just need to learn the ropes and get going in the right direction.

Once you can trust that Instagram is a truly worthwhile marketing venture you’ll begin to find it easier to invest time and resources. Once you have given Instagram an honest try you might find that it is the most cost effective form of marketing yet.

It’s all about optimizing each blog post to have the maximum amount of effectiveness with your Instagram audience. A bit of competitor spying and experience will quickly give you the insight to be a success on one of the biggest social media platforms ever.


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