10 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Add New Content to Your Blog

The importance of new content on your blog

There is no denying that content is one of the most important aspects of any website. You may have a great site design and a user friendly website, but it’s your content that your viewers are likely to be most interested in. Whenever you add new articles to your blog or additional pages to your site, make sure they are high quality, informative and valuable to your readers. Adding pages that are low quality and thin on content will likely have a
negative effect.

There are many reasons why blogging is a good idea, including a blog on your website can have many benefits for your business. It’s important to make sure that you keep your content up to date, here are ten reasons why you should regularly add new content to your blog.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Driving as much traffic as possible to your website is crucial for business growth. You need traffic in order to sell your products, promote your services and increase awareness of your brand. Regularly adding new articles will result in more pages visible in the search results. This will enable more people to find your site which can result in a significant increase in traffic.

Increase Social Media Engagement

Sharing your blog articles should be an integral part of your social media strategy. As well as sharing industry related news, sharing your own expertise and posting about your business news, sharing your own articles is a good way to gain new interest. Sharing your blog articles on social media will also help increase your following. Posting links to your own content across your social media platforms can help increase likes, shares and comments
as well as entice people to click through to your website. Sharing your own content will also help to establish you as an expert in your field and build trust in your brand.

Increase Shares

If your website visitors share your content on their own social media networks, this can massively increase your reach and introduce new audiences to your blog. Regularly adding fresh, compelling and interesting content provides more opportunity for your web visitors to share your articles with their audiences. Content shares are hugely beneficial for bloggers and website owners as more people viewing your site will result in more customers and more
conversions. Make sure your social sharing buttons are prominent to entice as many people as possible to share your articles.

Return Visitors

It’s not only new visitors that you should be aiming to attract to your website, return visitors are just as important. Regularly adding fresh content to your blog provides new, additional information for anyone who has already read your existing articles. Website visitors may decided to make a purchase or an enquiry on additional visits even if they didn’t the first time they viewed the site. Whether you are selling products or you are simply aiming to sign people up to a mailing list, attracting return visitors has many positive benefits.

Build Authority

Establishing yourself as an authority within your niche is a great way to build trust and grow your audience. Regularly adding content to your site and being at the forefront of your industry can help establish you as an expert in your field. Writing about specific industry news and trends before anyone else does is one of the best ways to build trust and authority. Regularly adding new articles and writing about trending topics within your niche
will not only help to raise the profile of your brand, it should also attract new visitors.

Inbound Links

Links continue to be one of the most important ranking factors and one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to a website. Other sites linking to your pages will help boost your site in the search results. Links placed where people may be interested in your products or services will bring relevant referral traffic through to your website, providing more opportunity for conversions and engagement. The more content you have on your blog, the more likely your chances of getting natural inbound links. Links gained naturally by other people choosing to link to your articles is one of the best ways to grow your audience and can have a significant positive effect on your site. The more interesting, useful and high quality articles you have on your site, the more likely other site owners are to link to you. People are far more likely to link to a useful article than a service or sales page, always aim to create valuable content for your readers and produce posts that aren’t self promotional. The more content you create,
the more potential there is to attract links.

Content Marketing

Gaining links naturally isn’t the only way to get more people viewing your content. Content marketing is the process of actively promoting your content and getting it seen by anyone that might find it of interest. The aim of this is to increase traffic and brand awareness. Content marketing will often result in links, shares and brand mentions, all of which are massively beneficial. In order to conduct a successful content marketing campaign, it’s imperative to have some great content on your website. Regularly adding new content to your blog gives you fresh angles to approach your content marketing campaigns and more opportunities to get results.

Increase Conversions

The aim of most websites is to convert visitors. Whether your aim is to sell products, attract people to subscribe to a mailing list or simply entice your visitors get in touch, conversions ultimately result in revenue. There are many factors involved regarding converting visitors to
customers, every aspect of a website can be optimised with conversions in mind. Layout, site design, structure, user experience, call to actions and content all play a part in converting visitors. Regularly adding new articles to your blog helps build trust, enables you
to share your expertise and experience and provides useful information for your visitors. All of these points can greatly help increase conversions and build authority

Content is Good for SEO

Updating your website regularly with quality content is also beneficial for SEO purposes. The more frequently you update your website, the more content there is for a search engine to index. A search engine indexing your web pages is by no means a guarantee that your site will automatically rank well as there are many different factors involved. You do however need your pages to be indexed in order for them to display in the search results. Publishing new content also presents more opportunities to optimise your pages for additional keywords. Ranking for as many search terms as possible will help drive more traffic to your website. Keywords should only be used naturally in the content as keyword stuffing will likely have a negative effect. Write for your readers not for search engines but do have a keyword strategy in mind.

Good First Impressions

If your blog hasn’t been updated in a while, this doesn’t give a good first impression to new visitors. Blogging makes you appear relevant, on trend and up to date with the latest news in your industry. If your blog isn’t regularly updated with new content, it won’t be regarded as the go to place to receive the latest news and information. If you want to be at the forefront of your industry and seen as an authority within your niche, regularly adding new content to your blog is essential.

Blogging Tips:

  • Write unique, engaging content. Don’t try to be anyone else, adopt your own tone and voice your thoughts and opinions.
  • Write for your audience. Write with your target audience in mind and provide valuable and insightful information.
  • Be inspired. Use anything that inspires you to inspire others. Share your thoughts, experiences and expertise.
  • Have a list of article ideas. Jot down any ideas you have for future posts and build a list to refer to whenever you are ready to write a new post.
  • Write compelling titles. The post title is often what initially grabs the reader’s attention. Make it enticing and intriguing to get as many views as possible.
  • Use headlines. Don’t write your articles as one long block of text. Break up the content into paragraphs accompanied by accurate headings. Heading structure is not only useful for your readers, it also helps search engines understand what your pages are about.
  • Keep your content relevant. Keep your articles relevant to your niche and your audience. Write about what you know and stick to topics that are of interest to your readers.
  • Keep your blog design simple. A simple blog layout is much easier to navigate than a cluttered, over complicated design. Use a good theme with a simple layout.

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