10 Top Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Small business owners and individual entrepreneurs have got a brilliant opportunity in this digital world to not only showcase their talent but also communicate with prospects effectively.

Since there are established brands and organizations already ruling the market, it would be challenging yet crucial for emerging small businesses to get new business and recognition in the competitive landscape.

Therefore, they must find a way to make their business heard through creative marketing campaigns. As they are growing, they also need to brainstorm aggressively to create marketing campaigns that not only build trust but generate sales for them.

Because the number of overall customers is the same and service providers are more, therefore, they need to stay ahead in the competition by trying unique marketing ideas.

Therefore, today we are going to discuss top marketing ideas for small businesses implement to scale their enterprise.

After reading this article, I am sure that all the small business entrepreneurs will have creative ideas to reach new audiences.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight in.

  1. Create Google My Business Page

Nearly 90% of the search traffic came from Google.

97% of consumers learn about a local company online than anywhere else.

80% of local search converts

And more than 56% of local companies haven’t claimed their Google My Business page.

The above list of statistics indicates that local businesses have a huge potential to get local consumers through Google.

The search engine giant allows small businesses to create a Google My Business page, where companies can provide the necessary information like address, phone number, working hour, email address, pictures, and website.

As shown below, Google My Business page is also displayed prominently whenever a prospect search for your brand on the search engine.

Even if small businesses don’t have a responsive website, Google My Business page is credibly enough to attract unique consumers to the location.

  2. Leverage Social Media

This generation thrives and connects through social media platforms. 

This time where ads in newspapers, radio channels, television might require you to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars, social media provides a free channel to connect with thousands of users without spending a single penny, period.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter are the relevant social media platforms that you can use.

All of these platforms will allow you to tag locations and use hashtags to make your social media post highly relevant to the targeted audience.

Moreover, whenever somebody finds your website or your Google My Business page, these social media pages will complement your business’ online existence.

In a nutshell, Google My Business page establishes your presence online, while social media provides you mode of communication.

  3. Use SMS Marketing

As you may know, SMS stands for Short Message Services where the message has been sent to the phone number of the respective person.

You can leverage the SMS marketing to broadcast any messages, offers, discounts about your local business or store to your existing customers.

Unlike social media or Google My Business page, SMS provides you with a one-to-one communication channel to the customers.

Whenever someone purchases your stuff from shop or online,  you can ask for their phone number and then use that number to stay in touch with your buyers.

You and also provide an exclusive discount to your existing customers through SMS marketing campaigns. 

This way, you can identify how people are responding to your communications and whether they are engaging with your digital marketing campaigns.

  4. Video Marketing

Video is one of the most effective and engaging formats of content that you can leverage to advertise your small business.

Unlike textual content used on the website and social media, the video has the power of conveying your message is creatively and effectively.

Through videos, you can leverage the power of storytelling more efficiently and take them on a journey of becoming a lifelong buyer.

When you create videos for your marketing campaigns, you can repurpose those videos for your other organic marketing channels like website,  social media,  email.

That means a single video can be utilized for further usage as well.

So, start shooting relevant videos for marketing perspectives and don’t forget to include compelling call-to-action at the end of the video. 

After watching the video, your potential buyer must connect with your business to their core and quickly take the required steps that you want them to take.

  5. Connect With Local Influencer

Small business, you can connect with local influencers and run a collaboration on digital platforms.

Remember that local influencers will already have an established audience that is influenced by the activities that the influencers do.

You, as a small business, need to create collaboration to attract more bears for your small business.

You can send your products and provide you services to local influencers and request them to share a review in the form of a video or text your contact.

Then you can repurpose the same material on your digital platforms to let the targeted audience know their favorite celebrity as abbreviated the products that you are providing.

You can also go with social media influencer marketing, but that might cost more money. Therefore, I am suggesting you go with local influencers and run a marketing campaign in collaboration.

You can also click photographs and use it to the mainstream marketing channels like hoardings, newspaper ads or pamphlets.

This way, a unique collaboration from a relevant local celebrity can go a long way for your business’ growth.

  6. Leverage WhatsApp Business 

This is one of the most effective marketing techniques that you can come across recently.  WhatsApp has now allowed small businesses to use the messaging application by creating a WhatsApp Business account.

Through that, small businesses get to access all the features of the best messaging app to connect with the audience.

You cannot only send messages to people through your WhatsApp business account but share your marketing material through groups, broadcasts, status, etc.

You can send them receipts, messages blasters about your new offers and discounts.

You can also use WhatsApp status updates to share pictures and videos about your small business to advertise your product and services.

You can also develop an app like WhatsApp. However, before going into details of that, you need to know the Cost To Develop An App. It will help you in the long run.

  7. Attend Local Meetups and Events

Event marketing if one of the old school marketing techniques, but it has still got a huge impact and to bring more business to an organization.

As a small business owner, you should always attend local meetups to expand your professional network and acquire more leads and customers for your business.

While attending local meetups, you can request to have a separate counter for your brand to pitch your products to the attendees.

You can also organize an interactive contest during the events and giveaway your products to winners.

You can also become one of the sponsors of the event to get invaluable marketing benefits from the event.

  8. Host A Webinar

The webinar is a seminar, but it is online. There are so many reliable tools, and platforms available online that can provide you with a platform to create a webinar for your audience.

Through the webinar, you can educate viewers and of course, promote your small business to them.

The webinar tools will allow you to share a unique link of your product and services that attendees can avail at a discounted price. This way, you can acquire more conversions through webinar sessions.

This particular form of communication will save you a lot of money because you don’t have to host physical seminars to promote your services. You also don’t need to book banquet halls, venues, or print invitation cards, etc.

Try using WebinarJamClickMeeting, GoToWebinar and Adobe Connect.

  9. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the emerging forms of online marketing that can put you ahead in the marketing game for long-term success.

Through content marketing, you can build a growing audience, which is an asset for any small business to thrive in this competitive age.

Blogging, social media, email marketing, search engine marketing all of them come under content marketing.

So, you can run a B2B Blog for your industry and target relevant consumers for your small business. You can educate, entertain, pursue and convert them through blogging.

  10. Host a Live Event

You can also organize a live event at your office premises or at a coworking space where you can invite industry experts to speak about the subject matter.

This could also be an invite-only event where you can invite a warm audience or the people who are likely to become your lifelong consumers.

For most of the small business owners, encouraging people to get time from their busy schedules to visit an event can be extremely challenging.

Therefore, by inviting industry experts, you are giving a strong reason for your prospect to attend your event and connect with your business and eventually become your loyal customers.


I hope this article helps small businesses plan their marketing campaigns for 2020.

I would love to know your feedback about the blog, so feel free to drop your comments below.

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    All the mentioned ideas are really helpful for all kinds & types of small businesses to grow their business revenue effectively.
    Thanks, Harikrishna, for sharing this article with us.
    Tumblr is also an effective social media & micro-blogging platform for marketing & advertising.

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