10 Websites To Find A Freelance Writer

top sites for freelance writers

There is a growing number of freelance writers who are trying to grow their career in the online world. At the same time, businesses are increasingly seeking high-quality writers who know how to craft exceptional content which will raise their brand awareness, inform their customers and prospects and contribute to their overall marketing results.

Luckily, there are several online websites which make it easier for businesses to connect with freelance writers and see if they are the right fit for each other. In this article, we bring you 10 websites to find a freelance writer from all around the world.

#1 – FreelanceMyWay

This freelance website enables you to find freelance writers with experience in any industry you need. With writing being one of the six categories FreelanceMyWay offers, businesses and individuals can easily reach out to each other to discuss details for a specific project.

As this website conducts careful screening, businesses are assured that they will only work with the most qualified freelance writers. At the same time, freelancers are also protected as clients need to verify their payment and make a deposit before the beginning of the project. Posting jobs on this platform is free.

#2 – Upwork

Upwork is a well-known website which gathers freelancers and businesses at the international level. With 12 million freelancers, Upwork is like a synonym for the freelance world. On this website, businesses can easily find a wide range of writers.

Also, Upwork provides filters and skill requirements to reduce the numbers of applicants to those who have the needed skill set. That way, businesses can find freelance writers that fit their budget, have the needed expertise and time available to work on a certain project. Moreover, you can choose between native writers, freelance writers from certain parts of the world or people who are fluent in languages you need. If choosing Upwork, businesses will need to pay a 2,75% fee for payment processing.

#3 – ProBlogger

This is one of the most popular and authoritative platforms when it comes to blogging. The job board of this website is where freelance writers are looking for jobs and businesses are looking for suitable writers.

The only difference between ProBlogger and websites such as Upwork and FreelanceMyWay is that this is a paid job listing website, not an online marketplace.

To post the job ad on their job board, a business will have to pay 50 dollars for one month. However, businesses are ensured they will get a high-quality writer which will deliver exceptional content. Monthly membership on ProBlogger costs $5,95.

#4 – Guru

Guru is a website that offers many freelance jobs, not just writing. With their 1,5 million members from all around the world, Guru also has a big number of freelance writers.

One of the best features this website provides to its users is the project manager app. It enables you to manage your content creation project without having to leave the site thanks to the app. It can range from 5% – 10%, depending on the membership plan.

All that it takes is to join the website and find your perfect freelance writer based on experience, price and reputation. Posting a job is completely free but there is a fee for freelancer’s payment. When hiring on Guru, businesses will have to pay 2,5% for invoice fee.

#5 – Contently

If you’re a small business owner, unfortunately, this platform is not the right choice for you. However, it is a leading platform content creation so it would be unfair to avoid it.

The goal of Contently is to help companies connect with some of the most influential, professional and skilled writers and journalists in the United States.

It makes it so easy to integrate the network of freelances, analytics platform and workflow which is why many businesses with the higher budget are choosing it over any other platform. Also, everything about the service on Contently is completely custom.

#6 – BloggingPro

BloggingPro is an excellent website where freelance writers come to build their online careers. It helps them with ideas on how to grow your blog by improving its quality and your writing process.

BloggingPro is the right place for all of those who either need or want to create quality content that will help build an audience and earn money.

The website is very focused on educating its users by providing various eBooks, guides, infographics, articles, etc.  Knowing that building an online presence takes time and knowledge, Blogging Pro helps individuals by providing copywriting and blog outreach services.

#7 – Freelance Writing Jobs

This website aims to gather seasoned, beginner, and experienced writers in one place.

The goal of the Freelance Writing Jobs is to provide useful information to writers from highly experienced writers from around the world.

There are six categories: writing, online content, editing, blogger, publishing, and telecommuting and flexible jobs. Currently, Freelance Writing Jobs is focused on providing daily job list to the writer, but their main focus is still on nurturing the community of freelance writers.

#8 – All Freelance Writing

This platform has been helping freelance writers build their successful careers online for over a decade.

The owner of All Freelance Writing is a professional blogger, freelance business author and a writer, Jenn Mattern.

They’re proudly telling their members they will provide them with only the truth instead of telling them what they want to hear.

It provides them with many resources, advice, and tips on how to become a better writer and grow a respectable blogging career. Besides writing, this website will help freelance writers to understand the business side of blogging.

#9 – Freelance Writers Den

This website was also created by an experienced freelance writer, Carol Tice. The idea of Freelance Writers Den is to spread marketplace knowhow and show the best practices in order to help writers earn more from their work. It’s focused on showing writers how to earn money in the most effective way.

This website has so far helped over 10,000 writers and is aiming to help much more of them. Besides job opportunities, Freelance Writing Den organises at least one live event each month, regular pre-recorded podcasts with writing experts, 3-4 new bootcamps annually and over 300 hours of downloadable webinars and podcasts.

#10 – Greatcontent

This website has over 10,000 active copywriters and translators in more than 30 languages.

Businesses can find here only writers who will provide high-quality SEO and eCommerce content from industries such as finance, travel, fashion, electronics, food, design, and many more. It is also a place where many services are being provided.

For instance, multilingual copywriting, editing, proofreading, content localisation, SEO audit and editorial planning. Some of the most popular brands have been hiring through this platform – Amazon, Ikea, Nike, and others.

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