11 Free Magento Extensions for your eCommerce Store

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world these days. Furthermore, there is a wide array of Magento Extensions development that provide exceptional services to clients all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of websites today are working on Magento across the globe.

There are numerous free Magento Extensions to choose from, which helps Magento Developer to develop easyily accessible online store for their customer. This saves visitors’ time since they could just figure it out from the video what the product is all about and its usage.


There are numerous free Magento extensions that could be integrated into brand websites. These include the following.

1. PayPal Recurring Payment.

Ever wonder how recurring payments could benefit a business? The Recurring Payments extension by Sparsh technologies for PayPal not only saves time, but retain customers as well, which sooner or later could lead to building long-lasting relationships, lower the costs of billing and more convenient payments.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Trial period, auto bill, initial amount could be defined by the admin
  • All online recurring payment could be managed with PayPal express checkout
  • Enable, disable recurring payment as per product
  • Free updates and support
  • View/suspend/active/unsubscribe any customer subscription

2. Banner Slider

Effective banners management could be crazily tricky nowadays, but at the same time it’s extremely important to boost the awareness of customers to the brand. The extension could achieve digital marketing goals.


  • Easy installation
  • Customization of every slider with own styles, format and topic
  • Unlimited video slides and image
  • Add sliders
  • Well-documented multi-store support
  • Provide short description based on the banner title
  • Set auto play videos option
  • Engage customer communication through picture representation
  • Accordingly organize banner positions

3. WhatsApp Chat

The messaging app has been quite a buzz in the business world at present. It has more than 1.6 billion consumers all over the world and more and more establishments and organizations are clamoring to make the most of it. It integrates a feature to contact store owners on their web and mobile devices.


  • Customizing contact button
  • Easy usage
  • Flawless customization
  • Easy to install and to configure
  • Enable, disable plugin

4. Quick View

This Magento extension is meant to provide helpful end counter to the end clients with one click. With the extension, there is no need to stack a page back and forth. It is best in terms of saving time and effort and it further makes online buying pretty straightforward and faster.


  • Fast enable, disable options
  • Improve the process of product browsing
  • Enhanced rates of conversion
  • Efficient cart/wishlist management
  • User-friendly and responsive


No longer is the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a luxury. It’s become more like a norm in which organizations have become more careful when it comes to the various aspects such as cookie restriction notice, privacy policy consents and even handling or deleting anonymous customer information, newsletters, orders and others.


  • Effective cookie management
  • Compliance with the general data protection regulation
  • Email available templates for accounts to be deleted or anonymized
  • Enables anonymizing and deleting customer account
  • Warning messages
  • Status of orders could be bifurcated for deleting/anonymizing an account
  • Consent checkbox on forms such as contact us, registration and newsletters

6. Buy Now

It enables a brand to become a better marketer. Fueled by some impulse buys, shoppers are greatly prone to making purchases on impulse. The extension lets customers legitimately proceed to the checkout, to quicken the process and increment transformation rate of the shop.


  • Ignoring negative results
  • A buy now button that is customizable
  • Hide/show button editable from backend
  • Display Buy Now button on Up-sell product list, wish list page, cross-sell product list, compare products page list
  • Shown on product detail page, catalog page and search result page
  • Keep/remove existing products in cart via clicking the Buy Now button

7. Custom Shipping Method

There is a wide range of advantages with this extension, including professional look of a brand, brand recognition, easier shipping method, cost-effectiveness and more. Created by Sparsh, the extension allows shop owners to build various custom shipping options.


  • Easy management and control of shipping options in the backend
  • Set minimum order amount
  • Set/calculate handling fee to fixed/percent
  • Restrict shipping method for certain countries
  • Set shipping options per item/order
  • Disable extension when unused
  • Display instant error message

8. Brand Logo Slider

Provides a subtle way of boosting the store structure. It features an amazing widget. It allows guests to appreciate the landing page highlighted with it.


  • Display brands with the aid of templates, blocks and layout
  • Effectively adjustable
  • Enhanced layered navigation on store pages
  • SEO URL that could be customized
  • Organize brand positions
  • Permits adding substance to pages
  • Provides multi-store support

9. Shop by Brand

The extension allows creating brand pages as well as brand logo slider, which certainly leads to acquiring credibility and user trust. The days are gone when people used to purchase products based on price. It empowers the showcase of items’ pictures on the custom pages.


  • Easy transfer of codes
  • Attachments could be visible per store
  • Oversee documents permeability
  • Includes boundless connections to items
  • Disable extension when not in use
  • Organize attachment positions correspondingly

10. Faq or the frequently asked page

There is an organized set of questions and answers, which boost customer experience, provide information fast and boost instant sales.

It is the Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • Custom title for FAQ block
  • Sidebar categories
  • Easy adding numbers and dealing with various configuration
  • Format/highlight answers with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Disable plugin when not used
  • Group and filter FAQ according to categories

11. Video Gallery

Videos are growing in popularity these days and coping with the ever-expanding advertising world is no easy task. The extension comprises of the template, block, layout and widget for managing customers.


  • View, change or debilitate videos from unified backend
  • Integrates multiple videos
  • Insert gallery through layout, CMS and widgets
  • Multi-lingual and multi-store
  • Organize video positions consistently


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