11 Ultimate Techniques to Promote Your Mobile App

learn ways to promote your app

How to market your mobile app

We have divided our marketing tactics based on two categories: Pre-launch and post-launch app marketing strategy!

Pre-launch app marketing

#-1 Start marketing long before you are planning to launch your app

From the time you decide to build an app and you have a concept and designs in place, start marketing. Research extensively on who your ideal target audience is, why they should download your app and how to persuade them to do so! Doing so can create anticipation.

#2 – Engage your potential customers

If you want to create an ideal app, ensure that it takes care of the customers’ needs. And, to know this, you’ll have to research extensively while getting the feedbacks throughout the creating process of your mobile app.

There are relevant sites and social media platforms where you can get organic feedbacks from real users. Moreover, you can also identify and reach out to the industry leaders for feedback by using different monitoring tools. In short, engage with your potential customers while finding what they are looking forward to from your app.

#3 – Release the teasers in the market once you start building the app

You can definitely spread the news of your app through word-of-mouth. But, this won’t be enough as people would always like to see and experience things for themselves. So, in order to generate that curiosity amongst your target audience, use attractive teasers. Maybe the app screenshots or video promos can help you grab the attention of your potential customers.

#4 – Start preparing your press kit and launch materials

Blogs are one of the lucrative ways to keep your target audience informed about everything related to your app. So, it is recommended for you to start a blog for your mobile app, sharing your experiences while creating the app. This will not only engage the readers, but they will feel included in the process. Additionally, you can also expect some good feedback from the people interacting with your posts.

Once you finalize the launch date, start organizing your press kit and as well as the other launch materials that you think you’ll need. Make sure that your website is ready. You can also have a video promo that outlines the key features of your mobile app along with a press release or a blog post that states some basic information about the app.

Post-launch app marketing

#5 – Focus on key performance indicator (KPI) pertaining to the app’s market

We understand that marketing a mobile app may totally be a new subject for you. But, setting up the goals is quite similar to all the other marketing campaigns – they should be specific, realistic and measurable. The only difference is the way – the techniques that you will use in order to reach those objectives.

So, when it comes to app marketing, you need to direct your focus to KPIs that you think are specific to your app marketing. These include organic and loyal user acquisition, app store rankings, app store optimization as well as cost-per-download.

If you are new to this concept and are not having required information, it is best to take the assistance of a team who is purely dedicated and focused on the benefits of these KPIs in your marketing plan. Once you establish your goals, you can decide and further distinguish them into primary and secondary goals. Remember, the goals set must serve the objectives of your organization.

#6 – Invest in the resources to bring a noticeable difference in mobile app marketing

It does not come as a surprise when you see a marketer undervaluing mobile advertising. They tend to dedicate only a small part of their marketing budget to mobile apps.

Well, you should never do so!

Mobile apps can really prove you to be a powerful marketing tool; therefore it is always wise to allocate enough resources for the same. As per the studies conducted, it has been seen that the consumers wish to get location-based alerts on their mobile phones. So, this directly implies that including the feature of geo-fencing and push notification marketing strategies will definitely help. After all, this is what consumers want.

A study on marketing effectiveness in mobile apps was conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association. They found that you should be spending as much as 7-9% of the marketing budgets purely on mobile advertising. So, make sure you do justice with your app marketing budget.

Well, setting up the marketing budget is one thing. The next thing is to plan how you are going to use the allocated budget.

Remember, marketing is not a one-time process. You will need to spend regularly. So try to come up with the advertisements and promotions that are not only creative and engaging but also ongoing. Make sure to invest in app marketing to experience a difference.

#7 – Promote the experience, not just the app

Earlier, mobile apps were made just for the sake of making as they were not acknowledged by the consumers at large. But, today you are not just selling your product or service through the app, you are selling them the experience your app provides. So, your focus should be creating the experience that looks uniquely different and superior to the rest.

According to research, it was found that 86% of the consumers were more inclined towards a simpler shopping experience. They are more likely to purchase when they are not overwhelmed with a lot of confusing information. Keep your app description simple and easy to understand. Give your customers the experience that will bring them back again and again.

#8 – Use emails to feature your app

There are extensive ways through which you can market your app. So, make sure that you use them optimally depending on what type your app is. One such way that you should resort to is your email. By sending your app details in the emails to your customers can really maximize your opportunities.

While using this marketing technique, ensure that all the emails have a footer advertising your app. Remember; the message should be loud, clear, brief, informative as well as persuasive one.

#9 – Use various app stores

Do not just limit app marketing to Google Play and App Store. There are various other online stores where you can share your mobile app. If you don’t know, sharing your apps on not-so-popular stores increase the chances of getting higher downloads as compared to when you upload it to popular application stores like Google Play.

#10 – Focus on mobile app SEO

SEO is important and with the right strategy, you really have a great chance of ranking your app high in the search results. If you have a strong SEO, your app URL will show up in the search engine results when your target audience will use a keyword relating to it. This is why it is very important for you to get the best keywords that you think would help up escalating your rank in the search engines.

#11 – Leverage your website

If you already have an existing website that is functional and mobile-friendly, that’s great! You can easily use it in promoting your mobile app. Websites are definitely the virtual face of your company. People visit it for different reasons – to find what you provide, to know your experience, expertise and all the other information.

So, when they visit, this can be your opportunity to let them know about your app. Put a section on your website that talks about your mobile app. Depending on what layout your website has, you can adjust the place, but be sure it is visible and eye-catching to your target audience.

Stand out in the market with simple yet effective app marketing techniques

Wherever users are looking for new apps, make sure that your mobile app stands out. All you need is to be tactful, creative and go-getter while devising your app marketing strategies. Considering the industry, the target audience and the product or service you are providing, your chances of getting acknowledged amongst your target audience will increase greatly.

Remember, standing out and building your loyal customer base is essential for the survival of your app in this cut-throat competition. So, are you ready to take the plunge? Get started with these effective marketing strategies.

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