12 Best Online Marketplaces to Get Cool Logo Designs

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Starting your own business is no more a cumbersome task. All you need is a workable strategy, budget, and a reliable source to hire people who would support your journey. In times where distance is shrinking, and businesses are breaking stereotypes with no employees stuck in 9 to 5 responsibilities, it makes sense why companies should adopt outsourcing culture. IT and telecommunications aren’t the only source where freelancing is prevalent. Graphic designing is fast emerging as a sought-after industry too. 

Whether you want to design a logo, revamp an existing logo design or create promotional materials, a logo design marketplace is the way to go. These marketplaces have turned out to be a much-needed platform for both designers and companies looking for creative designers. These platforms have enabled creative professionals to reach out to a worldwide audience. It makes it easier for them to get projects and recognition side-by-side.

On the other hand, businesses— startups or well-established ones— need not splurge on graphic design needs. Irrespective of your design needs, the freelance marketplace connects you with designers perfect for the task. This blog is going to bring you 12 best online marketplaces to get cool logo designs.


#1 – Designhill

It’s a preferred choice for both designers and business owners. While the platform allows designers to participate, work, earn and share their designs, it serves as a one-point destination for businesses to source premium logos, custom website designs, and more. Its interactive interface allows them to give designers real-time feedbacks as well as ratings. Even they can browse designers and pick their favorites to work on their project on a one-to-one basis.

There is more than just the logo design. Their AI based logo maker is free to use. Anyone with or without designing skills can use this tool to create unique logo designs in a matter of a few minutes. Furthermore, the platform also has a ready-made logo store. Here clients short on time can purchase readymade logo templates and get it personalized for free within 24 hours. As each logo template listed on the site is carefully created, customers get a unique logo for their business.

There is also another way to get a logo designed on Designhill. And, it is by launching a contest. Clients need to launch a contest wherein designers submit their best designs. The clients hold the right to choose the one that meets their business requirements best. Once finalized, they can declare the winner and get home the chosen design for an affordable price.


#2 – 99designs

It’s an innovative marketplace where clients post design projects in various categories. Freelancers based on those niches submit their designs and wait for the clients to pick the winning design. There are a set number of submissions based on the package a client chooses. Whether it is a logo, website, business card, vehicle wrap, book cover, illustration or brochure you need for your business, creative professionals at 99designs deliver each of them with a touch of uniqueness.


#3 – LogoTournament

If you need unique logos as well as web templates, LogoTournament is worth exploring. Created by Tyler Quinn, the site has partnered with several online businesses and stores around the globe. The 50+ custom designs make sure you walk away with a great logo. To get your design needs covered the site needs you to fill a logo questionnaire and post a winning prize first.

Based on your needs, designers all around the world, submit their work. At the same time, you can review their work and provide feedback. Even the rating system is also in place to judge their artwork.

Once done, pick your favorite, and download the files. While you receive your logo, the winner gets appreciation and the prize money.


#4 – DesignCrowd

Touted as one of the world’s best custom design marketplaces, DesignCrowd helps you find out-of-the-box designs at a budget-friendly price.

Here entrepreneurs and startups can connect with a growing network of designers for custom designs. The platform features more than 673K graphics professionals from around the world. Over 20.0 million designs have been posted on the site till date.

Not only it connects businesses and designers but features an online logo designer tool. Business owners and designers both can use this tool to generate logos related to their business.


#5 – BrandCrowd

It is yet another marketplace for companies to get cool logo designs. Either you can make a logo using their online tool or browse hundreds of premium pre-designed logos put up for sale. The platform is unique for designers too as it allows them to generate custom logo designs. They also get full freedom to showcase their creativity.

Over the past couple of years, the site has eased the process of buying and selling graphic works.


#6 – AwesomeWeb

If you need unique graphics for your business, it’s time to visit AwesomeWeb. Called as freelancers’ hub, the site allows you to hire the best designers for your work. Its easy-to-use search feature categorizes designers based on their skills in sections like Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress, Mobile App and more.

Every designer that the site has added is pre-screened based on the quality, projects done and hourly charges.  Even you can click on any of the listed projects to know more about the freelancer, price, skills used, and timeline for completion.


#7 – Logopond

Logopond knows it best how to unleash the potential of logo makers. The site is a pond of highly-skilled designers. While aspiring artists get a dose of inspiration, businesses get the logo they need. There is no dearth of ideas on this platform too. You can see others’ work with a detailed view. Designers, on the other hand, can upload their work and share with others.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that it is not a direct sales platform. Individual designers hold the copyrights of all their work. You have to contact them for the usage of their artwork.


#8 – 48HoursLogo

If you do not want to break your bank for getting a logo for your business, 48HoursLogo is the destination to reach. It is also the fastest and most affordable crowdsourcing site. Here contest prize starts at just $99! It means you can use its logo design services for a minimal charge.

48HoursLogo’s business model is pretty straightforward. You need not to wait for weeks to choose a logo you like. Just launch a contest and pick the best logo design for your business within 48 hours. 


#9 – LogoArena

It is the best website for startups and small businesses. It offers logo design services at budget-friendly prices. Its services are also backed by a money back guarantee that decreases the financial risks for companies. Those who post a design contest, usually receive 50 to 200 design entries from various designers. Sometimes, the number crosses the 200 mark. 

In general, the site works as a global pool of skilled designers from around the world.


#10 – Hatchwise

It is basically popular for two services— logo design and business name ideas. While Hatchwise provides services related to mobile app design, website and print design, its speciality lies in logo design. Since the very beginning, the platform has created over 1 million logos.

Just like design contests, you can launch a business, product or even domain naming contests. To list the design contest, you will have to pay $39. After that, you will be liable to pay only for the chosen design. However, the naming contest packages start for $99.


#11 – 110Designs

110Designs takes care of all your professional graphics needs ranging from business cards to logos, packaging, brochures, price tags, labels and other marketing materials. Irrespective of the type of business you run, the site caters to your design needs in every way.

The marketplace works with a global network of graphic designers to facilitate top-notch designing services. Every design added on the platform is versatile and keen to participate in every design contest. At the end, you get a professional team to undertake your logo design project.


#12 – Crowdspring

Crowdspring is the best crowdsourcing platform with over 210,000 designers onboard. It works as a contest based site where you need to post projects to start getting submissions from designers. Talk of services and the website offers both graphic design and naming services. It works s a bridge between the businesses and designers to get affordable but high-quality logos, print designs and web designs.



Creative marketplaces that we mentioned earlier are suitable for businesses that do want to splurge on logo design services. While these marketplaces help bring out the best in designers, businesses get creative logos and graphics suitable for their needs.

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