18 Business Benefits Of Using Live Chat For Business

Live chat tool benefits

Benefits Of Using Live Chat

In this post we’re going to explore the benefits of Live Chat for business.

Watch this video where I explain how adding live chat to your website can help you grow your business.

First up though I’m going to put my cards on the table and admit it – I LOVE Live Chat.

But my opinion doesn’t really matter. What really matters is what our customers think.

For example, check out this feedback from our TrustPilot page from Mike:

“At last! A helpful customer services for hosting.

I have a problem.
I open the pickaweb website.
I open the orange dialogue box
someone is there within seconds
I tell them the problem
They fix it
What more can you ask?
No music on call-centre phone.
No clever sales-talk”

Honestly, if I found the best copywriter on the planet they wouldn’t be able to come up with such brilliant copy.

It’s 100% pure, sold gold.

So let’s just analyze exactly what it is that Mike likes:

  • He gets instant support – no waiting, no muzak
  • It doesn’t cost him a penny
  • He gets his issue fixed, there and then – on the spot
  • He doesn’t have to put up with any unwanted selling

It’s simple really. Mike loves the fact that he gets stuff fixed quickly and painlessly.

But it’s not just Mike – check out our TrustPilot page and you’ll see the same things said over and over again:

  • Instant support
  • Fast support
  • Fast online chat support
  • Always on hand to help
  • Quick & efficient
  • Excellent Customer Service

Now I’m not showing you all this stuff to try and show off – I’m not that type of person.

I just want you to understand that websites with live chat have some huge advantages over ones that don’t.

And here’s the thing – Live Chat is ideal for any type of business, big or small.

But maybe you’ve got those little voices in your head telling you things like:

  • My customers prefer to speak to real people on the phone
  • I hate chat so my customers will hate chat
  • Live Chat might work for big companies, but not for small ones
  • Live Chat is great for technical businesses but not for my type of business
  • Live chat is just a passing fad – people will always prefer phone/email/face to face communication
  • My customers will think they are chatting to a robot
  • Customers find it annoying to type in their questions
  • I’m out and about all day – I can’t chat to customers
  • I’m too busy to chat to customers

But just stop and take a look around you. What are people doing all day long?

They’re on their mobile phones, chatting away as happy as Larry.

They really are – you’re probably doing it too.

And that’s a really important point to bear in mind. So it’s worth putting it in bold and capitals:


The thing is that the way people access the internet has changed for good. They’re no longer stuck at home or in the office, chained to their desk and browsing on a desktop or laptop.

Your customers are mobile, they’re connected 24/7 and they’re out and about with their mobile phones, tablets and their 4G contracts and they’re looking for services like yours.

And they’re just addicted to chat. That’s why Facebook paid squillions of dollars for WhatsApp (well $22 billion to be precise – around £14 billion). They know that mobile isn’t just the next big bend in the road – it IS the road.

Here at Pickaweb we’ve been using Live Chat for years – pretty much since we started. It’s a fantastic tool for selling and for support – we just couldn’t imagine life without it. And that’s something that comes out loud and clear in our customer feedback in reviews and testimonials – they love the fact that they get instant support.

What Is A Live Chat?

If you’re not familiar with Live Chat software it’s just a chat feature you can add to your website that allows you to have a live discussion with visitors to your website. There are loads of options out there but they all offer the same basic functionality.

The visitor sees a small chat box that they click on to chat interface so they can have an online chat with you. They may need to enter some basic details to start the chat like name, email address and outline query. You can also set it so that you can have different departments.

There are admin features like monitoring chats so that more experienced team members can monitor junior staff and help them with chats. This is great for training because the junior team member quickly learns the correct answers.

Many chat systems will also have the ability to email the visitor a chat transcript so that they have a record of their online chat.

There are also things like chat statistics and chat reporting so that you can keep an eye on trends and identify any issues and use this as a way to either improve your offering or your support.

So if you’re still not convinced then here are 18 live chat benefits for business.

Business Benefit #1: Live Chat = Instant Customer Service

Nothing will benefit customer service more than offering Live Chat. It clearly states that you mean business and you’re available instantly for your customers.

Business Benefit #2: Live Chat Reassures Your Customers

Nobody wants to do business with people who hide behind emails or phone messages. Live Chat is instant and potential and existing customers are reassured by the fact that you’re there when they need you.

Business Benefit #3: Live Chat Is Anonymous

Not everyone likes the phone. Offering Live Chat allows customers to ask questions that they might feel hesitant or even embarrassed asking over the phone. Basically it encourages them to engage with your business.

Business Benefit #4: Live Chat Is Free (To Your Customers)

No ifs, no buts, no doubts and no hidden costs – Live Chat is totally free to your customers.

Business Benefit #5: Live Chat Is Efficient

With Live Chat one person can easily manage several chats simultaneously. Try doing that on the phone!

Business Benefit #6: Live Chat Is Mobile

Not only can your customers chat to you from a mobile device but you can chat to them too from your mobile or tablet whilst you’re on the go. And there’s no annoying background noises that you get when you’re on a mobile.

Business Benefit #7: Live Chat Is Cheap

There are loads of Freemium Live Chat options available. And not only is Live Chat cheap but…

Business Benefit #8: Live Chat Gives An Amazing ROI

If you’ve got a website with traffic then Live Chat is probably the only tool that will give you a Return on Investment (ROI) measured in minutes rather than weeks or months.

Business Benefit #9: Live Chat Is Great For Lead Capture

If you set your Live Chat up to capture email addresses pre-chat then you will steadily build up a great set of leads to follow up with.

Business Benefit #10: Live Chat Is Easy To Setup

Most Live Chat tools just involve a small piece of code that needs to be added to your website and you’re up and running in no time.

Business Benefit #11: Live Chat Is A Great Training Tool

Training new staff members is a whole lot easier with Live Chat. With Canned Responses and the ability to supervise and monitor chats you can onboard new members quickly, easily and with minimum risk.

Business Benefit #12: Live Chat Makes You Consistent

With Live Chat you can used Canned Responses which means you’ll never fluff your lines again. You can be sure that your team are giving fast, consistent replies to frequently asked questions.

Business Benefit #13: Like Chat Makes You Look BIG

To some extent the web is smoke and mirrors. With Live Chat you can create departments like Sales, Billing or Support to pre-filter enquiries so that you appear bigger than you are.

Even if it’s little old you answering everything!

Business Benefit #14: Live Chat Links To Your Helpdesk

Maybe you can’t answer their question immediately. No problem, just push the chat through to your helpdesk and create a ticket so you can take your time to find the right resolution.

Business Benefit #15: Live Chat Identifies Common Issues

With Live Chat you can review chat transcripts and chat statistics to identify common issues. This enables you to either improve your product or service or create better support materials or improve your website if customers are e.g. having issues placing orders.

Business Benefit #16: Live Chat Gives Real Time Analysis

Using Live Chat gives you real time analysis of your visitors. You can see which website or search engine they came from, which pages they’ve visited, where they’re having issues, what questions they’re asking, etc..

Business Benefit #17: Live Chat Is Fast & Accurate

No need to ask people to repeat their names, usernames or URLs, etc.. With Live Chat it’s all there on the screen. With features like page pushing you can pass the exact URL to your visitor rather than trying to spell it out for them.

Conversations like “Yes, so please type in HTTP colon – you know the two dots on top of each other…etc.” will become a thing of the past.

Business Benefit #18: Live Chat Gets You More Reviews

When’s the best time to ask for reviews? When you have a happy customer in front of you. If you’ve just solved someone’s problem, just politely ask them for a review or testimonial and provide them with the link to your favourite review site.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. There are just so many benefits to using Live Chat.

But remember that probably the most important point is that your customers are used to chatting. They like it, they expect it and they’ll love the fact that you offer it to them.

I hope you found this post on the benefits of using live chat on your website useful.

If you have any suggestions or questions please comment below.


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    New 18 benefits share. I am a big fan of live chat when live chat service implement on my website my sale increase 70% and improve my business customer support. Visitor more confidently shopping on my site. I recommend to every type of business i.e. small, medium, large business to implement live chat and gain maximum conversion

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