4 Creative Social Media Giveaway Ideas you Can Use Today

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Social media is a common part of life these days. In 2017, the number of social media users in the UK reached more than 39 million users. So, it’s no surprise that a strong social media contest can generate real value for today’s businesses.

Giveaways can be an incredibly powerful tool in building brand awareness, engaging with fans and creating a brand experience. The reason is simple: people love free things! Whether it’s free samples at a store or a high-quality item won in a contest, people love the power of paying for nothing. Hosting a social media giveaway is a proven way to not only build your social following, but also promote your business and products while engaging with fans.

Though a social media giveaway can be a great way to boost your brand, it does require some careful planning. Here’s a look at some creative social giveaway ideas to help get you started on your campaign. 

#1: Launch a ‘Like to Win’ Contest

 If you’re looking to quickly launch a social media giveaway, a ‘like to win’ contest is a simple, yet effective, way to promote your social media channel and engage your fans. It’s also a great way to get those precious first followers.

As the name suggests, a ‘like to win’ contest requires fans to like a post, profile or photo in order for the chance to win a covetable item. This type of contest can be used across your social media channels and provides an easy way to interact with fans and grow your social following.

To run a ‘like to win’ contest, simply post a contest image and tell people to ‘like’ the post in order for a chance to win. Then, select a winner amongst the likes and comment with the handle of the lucky winner. When you promote your contest, be sure to include hashtags that are relevant to your industry, brand and giveaway. Also, don’t forget to include #contest and #giveaway so new fans can easily uncover your brand.

Student Beans, a student loyalty network, offers a prime example of a well-done ‘like to win’ contest. In the example below, the company provides an eye-catching image, clear rules and a covetable giveaway.

#2: Offer an Incentive for Sharing

An easy way to expand your reach on social media is to encourage your fans to share their love of your brand! By running a social media giveaway that incentivises followers to share your post, you can quickly and easily expand your social reach. This type of giveaway takes the ‘like to win’ campaign one step further by giving contest entrants an increased chance of winning in return for sharing the contest or your social media profile.

Take for example,this holiday giveaway from Fabletics as part of their #GiftsforMeSweeps campaign. The joint promotion between @Fabletics and @ClassPass requires entrants to follow both brands’ accounts, like the contest photo and tag a friend for the chance to win a free month of ClassPass for themselves and a friend. Fans can also score a bonus entry by sharing the contest post with #GiftforMeSweeps.

#3: Run a Hashtag Contest

 Social media is built on the use of hashtags. So, why not tap into them to run a successful giveaway? Hashtags are a great way to start a conversation, interact with fans and promote your brand. This kind of giveaway contest is particularly good for branding – especially if you come up with your own hashtag – and gives fans the opportunity to have an experience with your brand.

High Society Freeride, an outdoor and sporting goods store, encouraged sports enthusiasts to engage with the brand using the #OneLifeMakeItCount hashtag. For the chance to win a $100 gift certificate, fans were asked to share photos of the things they love doing outdoors. Not only did the campaign help promote the brand’s message, but it also engaged the company’s target audience by sharing the things they’re passionate about.  

#4: Encourage Fans to Share a Story

 Everyone loves a good story. Encourage fans to share their own brand-related stories for the chance to take home a prestigious award. This kind of contest encourages fans to engage more deeply with your brand and share their own experiences. It’s an incredibly effective way to expand your reach, while building credibility for your product or offering.

For example, this Instagram contest from Diaper-ezz asked followers to share their cloth diaper success stories for the chance to take home a Colibri Double Duty Wet Bag. Followers can post multiple stories and tag a friend for additional entries, ensuring loads of social engagement and a built-in way to capture user-generated content. 

Hosting social media giveaways can be a very valuable way to reach new audiences, build your social following and engage with fans. The question is: which type of giveaway will you host? Pick one of the giveaway contests above and get started today. 


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