4 Smart Ways to Make Remote Work, Work for You

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The future of remote work has never looked brighter.

More and more people are working remotely and there are opportunities of all kinds for them. You aren’t just limited to telecommuting, but you can keep your job and work from home, start freelancing and travel the world, or change locations frequently and have a remote job that pays well while starting something on the side.

Because remote work brings so much flexibility, independence, and joy to workers, more and more companies (even some of the most established ones) allow their employees to work remotely.

That results in increased productivity, loyalty and happiness. And we all know that happy workers lead to a happy company and good business.

But like anything else, this too goes together with challenges. If you want to be successful at remote work and do your best, be financially stable and enjoy your location independence, you’ll have to consider the disadvantages and take care of possible issues.

Let’s see some smart ways to make remote work, work for you:

Brush up on your digital skills

With remote work on the rise, employers now expect their workers to understand how the digital world works, get more tasks related to online business done on their own, use software, and communicate effectively online.

One such skill you shouldn’t skip is email marketing. Email might not be social media, but it’s still pretty popular and one of the main ways to communicate with people virtually.

One of the skills that fall into that category is email marketing automation. A solid strategy can mean increased lead generation, sales, customer engagement and performance measurability. All of these are crucial to growing your business or the company you work for.

With so many people wanting to work remotely, there are more candidates for each position, so you need to make sure you are up to date with the key responsibilities and build even more skills that can help you do your job.

For more trends, facts and figures related to remote work, check this article by GetVoIP.

Don’t ignore social isolation

Most remote workers eventually face the same problem – loneliness. Also called freelance isolation, this is the lack of social life due to your work. And if you don’t have many other things going on, have just moved to a new city or country, or are changing jobs, it might mean not knowing how to make friends and not having the chance to meet new people.

While the freedom you have thanks to working remotely feels great, without socializing we can easily focus on the negatives and even get depressed. That, in turn, will affect our work performance and we won’t contribute to the business in the best way we can.

Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent that.

Start by getting out of the house more often. Visiting co-working spaces is a great opportunity to find like-minded people and form connections. But local cafes can work too. Bring your laptop with you so you will feel comfortable there, but other than that, try to have chats with strangers, enjoy being in a new environment and around people.

Aside from work-related social activities, find hobbies that involve people. Go to group lessons in your gym, walk around the neighborhood.

Additionally, there’s a lot you can do online too. If you’re an expat, freelancer, or have a specific hobby, then there are others in your area interested in the same and wanting to find friends. Join groups and become part of a community.

Till then, try to call people or invite them to a video call. This is still socializing  even though you’re at home.

Own your mornings

As a remote worker, you can easily stop being disciplined. All that freedom and possibly flexible working hours can slowly begin to turn into something negative.

That’s why you need to create a daily schedule and stick to it. One way to make sure you’ll always be productive is to start the day right and have a fantastic morning.

This sets you up for a successful day, makes you more disciplined, and keeps you alert.

So wake up early and fill the first hour of your day with things related to managing your time, preparing your to-do list for the day, eating a healthy breakfast, working out, reading something inspirational, or meditating.

Other productivity tips provided by FreelanceMyWay include:

  • Shutting down all distractions while doing your work;
  • Keeping in mind that freelancing is still a job;
  • Working in time chunks;
  • Writing down your tasks for the day.

Keep it professional

Last but not least, know there’s work to do and an image to keep even though you don’t need to leave home or are behind the screen.

You might need to have video meetings with the team, use a time tracking tool or provide daily reports to your supervisor, take calls from clients when you don’t feel like it regardless of time zone difference, or else.

Don’t let these feel like unpleasant responsibilities. Instead, look at them as the pillars of your professionalism as a remote worker.

Follow these 4 tips to make remote working work for you and you will be energized and motivated every day.

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