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There are a lot of new businesses startups and influencers that are still in the phase of growing their audience and are confused on which platforms they need to use in order to build their audience. They have a lot of content to share yet have no idea how to go about launching their campaign.

What’s more interesting is, everyone wants to reach a point where they have a huge following but at the same time are scared to take the first step. People keep coming up to me all the time asking how they should promote their brands or themselves online, which social media platform should they use or, in short, how should they go about it?

I would tell them all the same thing, there is no right or wrong when it comes to online content or marketing, it is all about what strategies work out the best for you. You need to experiment and reach a point where you know your strategies.

Today I will discuss five tips all online marketers can use to promote their products and services online. But before getting into that, let’s look at a few benefits of using Facebook, as a platform, for business.

Facebook is without a doubt one of the top social media platforms these days. The statement “everyone is on Facebook” is no more too far from reality. The emergence and the rise of Facebook as a growing social media platform has brought about various benefits not only for the users to connect with their friends and family but also to the business managers to reach, connect and interact with their prospective and current customers as well.

Challenges Faced By the Marketers

Let’s look at a few common pain points of the marketers and then we shall see how Facebook helps us mitigate them.

Tracking ROI

Deducing a numeric ROI for the marketing campaigns remains a pain for the marketers, as they are almost impossible to calculate when you are using the conventional marketing measures and that too at the same time. This is also a big problem in the bigger companies where the sales and marketing departments have no integration.

Standing out in the noise

The marketing landscape is flooded with businesses and their advertisements, which creates a noise in the customers’ eyes. Therefore standing out in this noise is the biggest challenge for the marketers in order to spread their brand awareness. While online and physical ads are almost everywhere, the customers are more easily distracted.

Content marketing

Content marketing has become a must in today’s marketing scenario. This is because customers are just tired of advertisements. Therefore, you need to give them something they like in order for them to view what you want them to see. Content marketing is something that most marketers find difficult to manage, whereas social media is an amazing platform to place your content and drive traffic through call to actions.

Marketing skills

Now that the majority of the marketing is based on technology and big data, the marketers find it quite challenging to keep up with the newer requirements in order to compete in the changing environment. Marketers who have been in the field for long find it more difficult to adapt to the changes. Therefore, they need platforms that can they can work on without having too much technical knowledge. Social media and Facebook in specific, serves to be that platform where marketers can practice their skills without having to worry too much about the technology and big data.

1 – Know your target audience

Knowing the demographics and the target audience is the key to marketing on social media. More than a billion people use Facebook every day, so it is important you know whom of those fall in your target audience.

Let’s take a closer look at the target audience.

  • Age—know which age group would be most interested in your services, or which age group is amongst most buying customers.
  • Gender­—if your products or services are gender-specific, your ads need to be directed towards that gender only.
  • Location—identifies which areas your products would have most sales in, rural or urban. Also, if the services are more specific to a city.

Once you know your audience, you can use some of the interesting tools in place within Facebook’s business app to cater to these audiences. Facebook has three basic audience types in its setup. These types include:

  1. Saved Audiences
  2. Custom Audiences
  3. Lookalike Audiences

These types can be visited and altered by following the directions in the screenshot below.

2 – Utilize all mediums

You need to identify which content type suits the best for you. With opportunities ranging from stories, live, images, videos etc., it’s for you to experiment and find out, which one works out for you.

Using these mediums, highlight your brand’s values while identifying your audience through interactions.

Types of Facebook Content & How to Implement

  1. Status: The most basic form of communication and probably the most powerful. With new features like choosing colored backgrounds, you can immediately catch the user’s eye.
  1. Images:  Posts with images receive more engagement, therefore including images helps. But that alone won’t help unless you have made reasonable efforts into choosing high-quality images and graphic designing. It reflects the creative side of the brand.
  2. Videos: more and more users see videos from marketers. Only 15 percent of videos are watched with sound on, so it is important to add captions and make it in a way that it grabs the user’s attention.
  3. Facebook Live: Live content gather more engagement on Facebook, you can give a sneak peek into your industry if you are a brand or have a Q&A if you are a celebrity.
  4. Facebook Stories: Stories are another way to interact with customers. Many brands are in the phase of testing out marketing strategies on stories; you should give it a shot too.

You can have an amalgam of videos, stories and everything to reach out to your clients and have them on the same page as you. Natural Cycles, which is an app for contraception, uses all forms of engagement tools and mediums for reaching out to their audience. Remember, getting the first 10,000 fans is going to be difficult, after which you only have to make your content pop through diversity for getting best results.

Natural Cycles made use of videos as a powerful tool for marketing while constantly measuring the ad and post-performance using the Facebook measurement tools only. This led them to gain amazing results in terms of more reach and decreased costs of marketing.

3 – Aim for Higher Brand Awareness

While you design your Facebook ad campaign, you need to make a choice between the cost factor and its relevance. To begin with, try to avoid over usage of the budget to prevent getting useless clicks that only waste your money. Money spent on the ads shoot up if your target audience is not set appropriately or is irrelevant. This brings us to the next thing.

Make sure your ad is relevant, targeting a broad audience is not bad, but you need to figure out what works the best for you. Relevance is important when it comes to Facebook ads. Finally, the CTA that you add on Facebook and other social media should be directly linked to your brand and its offerings. Alter the CTA in a way that sits perfectly with users. Tips for choosing the right CTA button and gathering other Facebook marketing information can come handy in this regard.

4 – Keep Facebook Ad Content Fresh

Sometimes your ad content is played over and over again which makes it as useless as a TV commercial that you’re not even interested in. This also makes your audience bored with the repetitive content. This is why you need to frequently update your content every week or two. This would engage the customers the more and drive them to your site.

Old content can ruin your target marketing efforts. Make a spreadsheet to record the core metrics you want to target. These will provide you with an insight over what your goals are and how to achieve them.

  • Click-through Rate: If traffic is essential, track CTR and see where you can improve.
  • Impressions: Having trouble with visibility? Revisit your image or content and see what can drive more impressions.
  • Cost to Acquire: If your purpose is to limit spend and budget more effectively, track cost to acquire and set weekly or monthly goals.

Michael Kors can be used as an inspiration in this regard, as they keep updating content across social media platform. Not only Facebook, but the brand has been known to post creative, unique and new content across platforms such as Instagram and Twitter as well. These strategies have led to enhanced customer engagement in the brand and its offerings. The right steps in Facebook Ad Marketing can ensure high user engagement, as customers start reacting more to your endeavors in reaching them.

Michael Kors social media team keeps updating stories on their Insta and Facebook pages, to pull in customers that would otherwise scroll through the newsfeed. 

5 – Don’t Wait for Your Audience to Interact First- Engage

Social media channels are designed to make conversation easier and enable sharing the content. As a brand you should know that conversation and interaction is the basic use of social media. This is why engagement and conversation aren’t something you should ignore.

Try and make your Facebook page a community for your audience. Facebook is an amazing place to hold chats and discussions, within your customers as well as your target audience or prospective customers. Sometimes Instagram is considered to be more interactive for interaction with the audience, but you shouldn’t underestimate Facebook either.

You can drive engagement by simply asking people to interact and engage, using call to action or otherwise. You cannot sit back and wait for the audience to engage themselves.

Aceable, which is a driver education app continuously, interacts with users across social media through the use of app install ads. These app install ads not only engage users, but also link them directly towards the end goal of downloading an application.

Over to You

Now that you know these important tips for promoting your social media content, why wait and hold back until it’s too late. If you have an amazing idea to sell online, be that a product or a service, there will be hundreds of others with the same idea out there. So, do not wait, just go ahead and start out. Begin with these tips and experiment. There will come a time when you will know exactly what works out the best for you.

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