5 Best Screen Recording Tools 2019

list of the best screen recording tools

Finding a great screen recording tool is essential for many businesses. Most of their actions happen on the screens, from desktop screens to mobile ones. With so many information, it’s sometimes necessary to share it with other people, such as employees or clients. To do that efficiently, businesses need the right screen recording tool which will make their recording process simple and quick.

An effective screen recording tool can improve customer service by enabling sales representatives to record useful videos for their customers, guide potential clients or partners through on-screen presentations, and so much more. In general, such tool helps much more than conventional ways of transmitting messages between people. It’s an engaging way for businesses to convey their messages effectively.

While there are many screen recording tools available, not all of them are suitable for each purpose or will fulfil every business goal. We bring you 5 best screen recording tools with their best features and other information you might find useful.

#1 – ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a free screen recorder and screenshot capturing software created to suit the needs of every Mac, Windows and Linux user. Often called the best free screen recorder software by those who’ve tried it,

ScreenRec also has a very useful feature of instant private and secure cloud sharing. It’s a really simple, straightforward screen capture tool that allows you to share your recordings with whomever you want and wherever you want. This is among the favourite choices for companies which are concerned about the security of the information they’re sharing while sending videos.

#2 – ShareX Screen Recorder

ShareX Screen Recorder is a completely free and open source screen recording tool which enables you to easily upload to many video and image websites.

It also captures customized parts of your screen and provides very useful features for its users. For instance, you can annotate recordings and screen captures, easily upload this videos to countless destinations, choose from a variety of productivity tools, etc. When checking out this tool, be aware that it’s only available for Windows.

#3 – OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source platform for recording and streaming videos. It is praised for its various features that are instantly improving the quality and speed of the screen capture process.

OBS Studio users can record real-time video and audio capturing with an unlimited number of scenes. Also, its cool features such as the audio mixer, modular UI and broad configuration options make sure your recording look the best way possible when it’s time to deliver them. It’s a very flexible tool which enables you to create videos however you want and using any of the features available to you at no cost.

#4 – FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is an excellent choice for those who have never captured their screen before as it offers great, simple user experience for beginners. It’s very simple to use and there are no limits on video recording or a watermark.

Therefore, your videos will look professional and you will not have to worry about squeezing all the information in a few minutes. FlashBack Express allows you to capture your desktop screen and webcam with sounds, synchronize audio, crop your video clip, change mouse highlight settings, etc. Also, for users who wish to try out more features and capture their screens at a better quality, FlashBack Express offer their paid version called FlashBack Pro.


#5 – VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is usually mentioned when talking about the best Windows media players or the best Linux media player, but this software also has the ability to record your screen. It easily captures video clips of the entire desktops and saves it as a file to whichever location you choose. However, it’s important to mention that VLC offer only a basic screen capture solution so it’s not advisable to use it for crucial projects or challenging products which need a detailed explanation. But, you can add external audio to screen recording and cast your screen over the network which can add value to your screen recording.  



When choosing your screen recording tool, make sure you choose the one that suits your goals and has features you will need. Sending your recordings is so easy nowadays, it’s such a shame not to enjoy all of its benefits! Don’t forget that your clients and employees will appreciate receiving video messages which can only lead to business growth.

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