5 Common WordPress Mistakes You Must Avoid

WordPress mistakes

Mistake 1: Not choosing the right platform

If you did not know, there are two WordPress platforms. 

One of them is WordPress.org, and the other is WordPress.com.

When developing a WordPress site, people often make the mistake of not choosing the right platform. 

As both of these come within their own sets of benefits and drawbacks, it’s imperative that you have at least a basic idea in order to be able to choose the right one for yourself. 

Pros of WordPress.org

  • It costs you nothing and is incredibly easy to use.
  • Your website, as well as all its data, belong to you and you only. Meaning it cannot be switched off or removed in case someone is offended (air quotes).
  • You have the freedom to add free, custom and paid plugins/apps to your website. 
  • When it comes to customizing your site, there is virtually no limit. Besides you can add any WordPress theme you want. 
  • It is a great platform to make money by running your own ads. 
  • It can be easily integrated with Google Analytics.
  • Since it is self-hosted, you can turn your site into an online store. 

Cons of WordPress.org

  • Updating is not automatic.
  • Backing up your site is not automatic. If you want it to be automated, you have to install plugins.
  • Hosting is not free. 

Let us now discuss the pros and cons of WordPress.com

Pros of WordPress.com

  • It provides a user up to 3 GB of free space. If you need more than that, you have to switch to a paid plan. 
  • Updates are automatic. So you neither have to remember nor do it yourself. 

Cons of WordPress.com

  • If you choose the free plan, then ads will be shown on your site and you would not receive any share of the revenue. If you prefer that your users don’t see any ads, you have to switch to a paid plan (the cheapest one is $36/year) 
  • You cannot install any plugins apart from the pre-activated ones. 
  • Uploading any custom theme is a no-no! The default theme has a very narrow room for customization. 
  • Only Business plans ($299/year) are allowed to integrate their site with Google Analytics. 
  • Since it doesn’t offer any ecommerce features and doesn’t allow you to integrate your site with any payment gateways, you cannot turn your site into an online store.  
  • Building a membership site out of your WP site on this platform is not allowed either. 

Mistake 2: Not setting up automated backups

Most beginners, when developing a WordPress site, dwells upon the misconception that no mishap would happen to the site. 

You cannot be more wrong!

A whole host of accidents can happen which might make your site go down! I would not be going into the details as that is a discussion in itself. 

Site downtime means your site is inaccessible. Thus you would not be able to sell, collect leads or achieve whatever your site target is. 

Possible long-term consequences? Google may push you down the SERP! You might end up receiving bad reviews. None of them are pleasant! 

Have a look at this list of plugins for backup purpose

Mistake 3: Not setting up Google Analytics

If you prefer focusing your effort on your business instead of messing around with the tech side, then hiring a WordPress developer is the wiser option.

But even a developer is likely to end up making this mistake. Thus, it needs to be addressed.  

One of the most important things to do after having your site developed is regularly analyzing your site performance. This would give you an educated and thorough idea of your site ROI. 

That is where Google Analytics comes in. 

Google Analytics lets you know where your traffic is coming from (mobile, desktop), which page is receiving how many clicks, how traffic volume changes over time, which country or city are most of your visitors from, visitor demographic data and a lot more. 

So it should be pretty obvious to you that if you don’t set it up in your site, you would not be able to access these data. Your site might as well be going six feet under!

For a list of plugins that let you easily integrate your site with GA, check this page out.

Mistake 4: Ignoring WordPress updates

I have never understood why people make this mistake. I would like to someday. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of updates. 

  • An updated plugin/app is more efficient. Which means it would deliver a smoother performance. That would make your site more desirable to your visitors. 
  • An updated plugin usually takes fewer HTTP requests to perform properly. That means your site would load faster
  • A faster site ranks higher on Google SERP. That way, your site would receive greater volume of organic traffic. 
  • With each update comes an additional layer of your website security. Meaning your site would be less vulnerable to various form of cyberattacks. 

These are the benefits your site would be deprived of if you ignore updates. So why would you do that?

Mistake 5: Using the preset permalink structure

If you don’t know what a permalink is, no shame in that. 

A permalink is a permanent static hyperlink to a post on your website. 

WordPress assigns a default permalink to the posts in your site. This usually looks something like www.yoursite.com/?q=345t. 

What is wrong with this? Well, everything!

First of all, it doesn’t look good. Yes, I know people don’t usually look at the website they are visiting. But when you would share this link on social media, it would seem odd to people. 

Second, it makes it harder for search engine crawlers to understand what your site content is about. It means what you think it does! Your post would not be able to rank for your intended keyword! 

Getting around this is rather easy! 

Just go to Setting>>Permalinks. 

Place the long-tail keyword you want your post to rank for. 

Once more

In case you have chosen to scroll down to the very end of this article, here is the list of the 5 mistakes you are likely to make when having your WP site developed:

  • Not choosing the right platform

WordPress has two platforms: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. People, being uninformed, often end up choosing the wrong one for a blog or business site. 

  • Not setting up automated backups

There are a multitude of reasons your site may be go down. Unfortunately, most perceive it to be a nuisance when having a site developed.  

  • Not setting up google analytics

The word analysis seems to intimidate a good number of people. Thus they end up dodging it! Without it, you would be in dark when it comes to the condition of your site!

  • Ignoring the WP updates

Many people have this misconception that updates are the roots to all troubles when it comes to phones. This gets retained when it comes to websites as well. it couldn’t be further from the truth!

  • Using the preset permalink structures

Just like analytics, it sounds highly technical to people. Besides its importance is not entirely clear to many site owners. Thus it costs them ranking on SERP and in turn much desirable organic traffic.

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