5 Emerging Technologies for Smart and Secure Businesses

Security is one of the major concerns for most people when they are browsing online because the internet contains some deadly threats that can seriously harm your computer and the files stored in it.

Hackers usually target businesses because established organizations are capable of paying a hefty amount to these criminals as ransom. In addition to this, cybercriminals can also sell the information they steal to other businesses in order to make easy money.

Businesses, nowadays, have to be careful when they are conducting online activities because hackers are always looking for opportunities to hack into their systems in order to steal confidential data. It is the responsibility of the upper management to provide a safe and secure work environment to their employees so that they can carry out their tasks without worrying about getting hacked.

In this post, I will show you how to improve the security of your workplace for better productivity.

 5 Ways to make your company smart, safe and secure at all times

#1 – Access Control System

The Access Control System is a technology that enables you to electronically control doors, gates, elevators, barriers and certain areas of a building. This is a perfect system for keeping a record of who is entering a room and at what time.

Having such a control at your workplace would allow you to secure rooms that contain important storage files and documents which only a few people are allowed to access.

Some examples of such a security system are as follows:

Audio Entry Doors: These doors are locked and visitors will have to speak to the person who has the authority to lock and unlock doors.

Video Entry Doors: In this system, visitors have to confirm their identity in the camera which is installed at the entrance door so that they can enter the building.

Anti-Vandal Entry Doors: These are specially designed systems that give your office building protection against trespassing.

There are various other systems available for offices that require a more advanced system to keep a check on their employees. These systems are capable of keeping a full record of attendance and tardiness so that the supervisors know who came in and at what time.

#2 – The Sensor Technology

In order to determine the utilization of the workspace and to monitor the performance and behavior of the employees, most of the companies are using sensor technology. this particular technology has sensors which help create a productive workplace so that employees can complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Some of the sensor technologies that are most commonly used by businesses are as follows:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Drones
  • Video Surveillance
  • Smartphone Devices

This technology enables you to constantly monitor your workplace even if you are not present at your office. Moreover, you will also be able to keep your office building secure by having yourself informed about the activities that are being carried out at your office. In addition to this, with sensor technology, you will be able to conduct surveys to collect data about your worksite and the supplies that are being utilized by the employees.

Sensor technology can help the upper management make decisions by using the information that is generated by this incredible technology. Furthermore, you can also predict future occurrences and make contingency plans in order to deal with the problems.

#3 – Ergonomic Technology

This technology is extremely useful to make employees feel that they are an integral part of the organization and that the management of the company cares about their well-being. Ergonomic Technology helps workers avoid injuries that are caused by improper support. With emerging technology, you can make your office look smarter and comfortable for the employees by installing ergonomic chairs and desks. The ergonomic technology furniture is equipped with an application that reminds your employees when to stand and when to sit throughout the day so that they can lead a healthy life without any complications.

There are various other ergonomic tools available that come with different features, for example; height control desks and chairs so that people who work for you can adjust the height of the chairs and desks accordingly. These tools are specifically designed for people who work for long hours in offices so that they can increase their productivity and complete their assigned tasks efficiently.

#4 – Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is designed to keep a check on the health and safety of the workers in order to facilitate them better.

Employees who regularly visit sites and other facilities can benefit from this technology a lot because wearable gadgets allow them to measure their body temperature, track their movement and detect the level of exposure that they are getting from such sites. Moreover, these wearable gadgets also ensure that the supervisors can see what the employees are being exposed to so that they can keep a track of the tasks that are being performed by the employees. By caring for your employees, you motivate them to work for you and this increases the productivity of your company.

#5 – Visual Technology

Visual technology is being used by numerous companies around the globe so that they can train their employees and prepare them for difficult situations. This type of technology is extremely useful for training that involves a high-risk factor. For example; training military soldiers, workers who work at construction sites and stunt actors etc. with this technology, you will be able to prevent accidents from happening by mitigating the risks.


These technologies can make your business look a lot more advanced and your employees will definitely feel like an integral part of the company and they will recognize the value the company gives to them.

It is worth mentioning the fact that you need to have a stable internet connection in order to utilize these technologies in your business. 

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