5 Evergreen Topics For Your PR Content

Gudie to evergreen topics

A pro of media publications is your content kills several birds with one stone there — marketing, PR, and reputation management.

A con is that you hardly have time, energy, and resources to generate content ideas for those publications on a regular basis.

But, five evergreen topics exist that you can use over and over again. They help to come up with original ideas for your PR campaign. Take any — and your next article will be ready by tomorrow.

1. Newsjacking

Many faced the situation when some incident or event turned into a hot-button issue in the news. Remember Zippo and the torch during The Sochi Olympics? Or Oreo and the blackout during The Super Bowl?

In May 2018, the #1 topic of discussion was GDPR. The news caused tons of questions, and those who could answer them took top positions in SERP.

How to use: Think of buzz topics and questions your clients might have on it. Be the first who’ll answer them in a by-liner.

2. Backstage

Everyone likes peeping. That’s why stories about celebs everyday life or videos about top movies shooting are so popular. Why not use this format for PR?


  • Office tours. Write about the workspace organization in your company, its culture, team building activities. Also, you can write about the workspaces of your clients or partners.
  • A day in the life of…” Write about a day of your company’s CEO, designer, copywriter, customer support team member… You choose!
  • Write about how gurus of your niche organize their workplaces, what tools they use, what books they read.

Tip. Such content looks best in pictures followed by short comments. Most people are visual learners, so they’ll enjoy watching details of your backstage.

3. Case Studies

A classic case: tell about the problem your client faced and how your product or service solved it. An alternative case: take part in case studies from others.

How to use: Think of products/services you use daily. Decide on what makes your usage scenario different from others. Write about this experience and share the content with those products/services creators.

4. People

Consider storytelling, with your colleagues, influences, or clients as protagonists. This technique pays its way even more if you work in the field that is difficult to promote for some reasons. (It may be dating, gambling, alcohol, etc.)

How to use: Interview influencers and opinion leaders; consider user-generated content; asks colleagues or clients to tell about their experience of working with you.

5. Data-Driven PR

Companies generate tons of data, and its competent analysis could be a source of endless news-worthy subjects for your PR. Let’s take the employment niche by way of example:

Indeed does research on a regular basis. Studies like “Top 50 professions in 2018” or “20 best jobs for 50+ years old people” have a big following because of their evergreen nature.
Also, analyze the open data of others. Thus, L&C Mortgages compared the cost of real estate in video games and reality. The result? Many respectful publications told about that.
Tip. No one cares about bare numbers. Explain the results, draw juicy analogies. People trust structured and measurable information. And share it like crazy, especially if it’s a bit provocative.

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