Can’t Blog, Won’t Blog? 5 Simple Ideas To Beat Blogger’s Block

Ideas on what to blog about

In today´s post I will share with you some great tips on how to overcome blogger´s block.

I’ve been blogging for longer than I can remember now but from time to time I completely run out of blog topic ideas.

I mean, nada.

My mind just goes totally blank.

It’s either I’m too choosy (“I’ve done that before”) or it’s not original enough (“I’m not going to join the list of the million bloggers who have written about that this year”) or some other reason.

I guess I just have to face that fact that it just happens from time to time.

When you’re running a business blog – one you know is the focal point of your business online – you just need to accept that blogger’s block is an occupational hazard. It just comes with the territory.

But the worst thing you can do to your business is to give in to it.

So, what can you do?

Well here are 5 simple ideas that people love to read blog posts about. See if one of these can help you beat that block…

Simple Idea #1: Repackage Content

Have you ever had a great topic idea for your next blog post but then decided against writing about it because you saw someone else had it covered already?

Well, what if I told you that the person had probably copied another blogger that had copied a blogger and that the chain never stops?

No single blogger can claim to have the rights to any blog topic. It’s all a cycle of recycling, repurposing and repackaging content.

I’m not talking about plagiarising other people’s work.

Bloggers are – dare I say – artists. And just like any other artists, their work is inspired by various pieces of previously done work at various points of production.

Sometimes all it takes to come up with a great blog post idea is to look at what’s already working in your market. If you notice a lot of traction on a certain piece of content, it means there’s something great about it. Why not replicate that in your own voice, on your own blog for your own audience?

To find the content that’s doing best in your industry, I recommend using BuzzSumo or ahrefs. Simply search a keyword and you’ll see a summary of the best performing content around that keyword or keyword phrase. You can also do a quick search on major search engines or browse top sites in your industry.

Simple Idea #2: Review & Compare Products & Services

Nowadays, customers’ buying habits are strongly influenced by on online reviews. Top review sites such as Ciao!, TripAdvisor and Tipped, among others, offer great starting points for consumers when they are looking to spend money on something.

But what if you talked about a recent trip you took, a laptop you bought or a hotel you patronize – on your site? Anything that’s related to what you offer would be a great basis for an interesting and relevant blog post?

Or maybe you can compare products or services side by side. This could be product based like iPhone vs Android or service based such as WordPress vs Joomla. This type of content allows you to act as impartial expert helping people to make an informed decision. Buyers are busy and they appreciate that you have spent the time to pull everything together in one convenient place for them.

No matter how many years of expertise you have, as long as you have a readership, you have people that trust your opinion. They will trust you more if you offer unbiased reviews on things they care about. And your audience does care about the places they go, electronics they spend money on, services they use and where they eat.

Of course there’s no need to go and rush into reviewing some product or service every time you’re stuck. And that’s what makes these reviews so good for great blog content – it’s an opinion where you don’t look to gain anything but the trust of your audience.

Simple Idea #3: Offer Productivity Tips

Would you like to have more time in your hands?

Well, guess what? So does everybody else. Everyone wants to do more in less time. Yet not everyone is good at it.

And they want to know how. Just look at all the productivity articles on LifeHack or Medium.

With your experience juggling so many tasks, one would think you have tips on how to manage time, right?

Then go ahead and write a great post on how you manage your time. And there’s no limit to how far you’d go with this. You break up the productivity into various categories such as time management apps, waking up early, to-do list creation and management, fast blog post creation, exercise, right through to business automation and outsourcing amongst others.

Your readers will thank you for it and come back for more.

Simple Step #4: Solve Your Own Problems

Have you ever gone online in search of a solution to a problem you had but kept on coming across unreliable or poorly written information?

What did you do? You dug deeper, found tidbits, pieced them together into a great resource then kept all that knowledge all for yourself.

What if you could release that manual to your audience?

Besides listening to your audience, you should also try to address problems you are facing. If your potential customers are at a similar point, there is a great chance that they are facing the same problems you are.

For instance, when you learn something new you feel could be beneficial to your audience (or a segment of it), go and right away and create a blog post on that new information while it’s fresh in your mind.

Also, consider going back in time to a point when you had a problem that took a lot of your time to find a solution to. Chances are, there’s someone out there at the same position you were.

Simple Step #5: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re stuck on what to write about, it might be because you aren’t paying enough attention to your potential customers.

One of the best ways to “listen” is through FAQs. What questions do you get most in your daily interactions, social media, emails, meetings, etc.? If you get a question frequently, maybe you should answer it in a nice blog post and reach a wider audience.

You can also know what readers want to read by going through comments. Don’t limit yourself to your own blog. Find related blogs and see what readers say in the comments. Then create blog posts addressing those issues.

You can also tell which answers are in demand through Quora. Browse questions that are related to your industry then find comprehensive answers to those questions. You can answer them on the platform or create blog posts answering them.

Also, look at the number of people following different questions. If someone is following a question, it means they’re keen to know the answer to that question. A large number of followers therefore means many people face the problem highlighted in the question.

Sometimes, all you need to do to create a great blog post is to know what your readers want.

Wrap Up

Coming up with a constant stream of blog post ideas for a business blog is quite tough.

Rather than seeing this as a challenge, see it as an opportunity to explore and get creative with your writing. There are definitely more ideas than the 5 above and depending on your niche, there could be way more.

Just remember – your competitors have exactly the same struggle so know that you’ve got these ideas you can start to plan a consistent stream of great content for your blog and get a huge advantage over them.

What other blog post creation ideas do you use when you get struck with Blogger’s Block? 

I hope you found this post useful on how to overcome blogger´s block.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.


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