5 Smart and Easy Ways to Write Better Titles for Blog Posts

How to write better titles for your blog

Bloggers tend to be casual about titles of their blog posts, at times.

In fact, they write the blog post first and think of the title at the last minute before publishing it.

It all happens in a hurry and the title suffers in the process.

You might wonder why it’s such a big deal.

It’s important because readers first look at the titles and then decide whether to read it or go to the next.

Therefore, a lot hangs in balance when you choose the title of your blog posts.

To make your task easier, I have worked out 5 smart and easy ways to craft better titles for your blog posts.

Let’s jump right in:

#1 – Be Specific, Not Generic

Readers are choosy about what they click and read.

How do they choose what to click and read?

Well, to start with, if it is clear and makes sense to them, they will go ahead and read it.

So, if it’s something vague that they are likely to understand only after they read the whole post, they will probably ignore it.

Instead, if they can get the gist of what the post is about in the title itself, they are more likely to click and read.

What does that tell us?

It tells us to be as precise and specific as possible.

Do not beat around the bush. Do not put high sounding but hollow words in your title which mean nothing.

It would help you if you could place the specific words that aptly capture the crux of the post.

Once readers understand what the title means and what the blog post contains, they will figure out whether it’s worth reading or not.

Once they realize that it carries important insights for them, they will obviously want to click and go through it all.

So, make the titles of your blog posts specific, precise and crisp in order to get the readers to click and read!

#2 – Use Numbers Wherever Possible

Numbers appeal to use more because they give us something more specific to deal with.

For instance, a title like ‘Converting Your PowerPoint Presentation into a Video’ does not make it specific as to what it will contain except that it will explain something about how to do it.

However, if you use numbers in the title, it makes it far more specific and hence catchy. You can use a title like, ‘5 Easy Ways to Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into a Video’.

It will also help readers understand how the blog is structured as they know it’s going to unfold in a sequential manner.

Every time you use numbers, you provide more clarity to the readers regarding what to expect in the blog post. Don’t you think that gives readers all the more reason to read your blog post?

#3 – Use Powerful Words

You might wonder why that matters so much.

Well, there are quite a few compelling reasons to do so.

To start with, readers would want to read something that is powerful in its impact and enjoyable as well. Unless you use powerful adjectives, adverbs and phrases, you will not be able to create that kind of impact.

Adjectives are extremely important when it comes to titles because they create the clarity regarding the blog post and the compulsion to read.

When you use a title like, ‘5 quick ways to convert your PowerPoint Presentation’, you are providing a strong reason for readers to read your blog and not anybody else’s because they can quickly get those techniques from your blog. In same way, when you use adjectives like ‘easy’, ‘simple’, it puts readers at ease. In other words, they can do it even if they are not conversant with the technical stuff.

On the other hand, when you use adjectives like ‘sure-fire’, ‘proven’ etc., it gives a sense to the readers that there’s something sure or certain that they will get as a formula or solution. An adjective like ‘Must-Know’ would convey how something is vital for readers to read and understand.

Titles carrying adjectives like ‘Comprehensive’, ‘Complete’, or ‘Ultimate’ make the readers think that here’s a blog post that provides all the answers in one place.

Adverbs are equally crucial. When you use powerful adverbs with powerful adjectives, you can double the impact of your title.

For instance, if you use a title like ‘5 Easy Ways to Quickly Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into a Video’, it makes it all the more compelling for the readers to go ahead and read your post because it’s now easy and quick both.

As you can see, you can create kind of impact that you want to create with the help of powerful words in the title of your blog post.

#4 – Don’t Overdo it

It’s important to remember that your title should not create claims that your post cannot satisfy.

You should not overdo it when you choose the title of your blog post. In other words, you can use catchy and powerful titles but they should be in sync with what the blog posts contain. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you use high sounding words and phrases like an ‘ultimate’ guide but your blog post is of 1000 words, it falls short of delivering on the promise that your title makes.

This will serve to discourage your readers to read any of your blog posts in future.

So make sure that you craft the title of your blog post in a judicious way without exaggerating your claims for the post.

As long as the title remains faithful to your blog post, readers would love the catchy titles you use!

#5 – Don’t Make the Title Too Lengthy

Why so much fuss about the length of the title?

There are good reasons why the length matters so much.

Firstly, it should fit into search results. Extremely lengthy titles may come up in search results but may not be completely readable on the screen.

To illustrate the point, let’s say if you use a title like, ‘A Step-by-Step Guide regarding 5 Easy, Simple and Quick Ways to Convert Your Well-Researched PowerPoint Presentation into a Video in No Time’ is not going to help anyone. You cannot use it in a tweet or anywhere else in social media promotion. It’s cumbersome and discouraging to read.

Moreover, readers should find the title catchy but in fewer words. If you make it too lengthy, it will have an adverse effect. Readers will go away BECAUSE of the title of your blog post! Obviously, you would not want that to happen.

Therefore, avoid using unduly lengthy titles which mean nothing. Instead, use fewer words that capture the essence of the blog in an effective way!


Crafting a catchy but effective title is not a science but an art.

You need to consider various aspects discussed in the blog and arrive at an appropriate title.

If you carefully consider these aspects, you can create catchy, effective and compelling titles that draw the readers to read the blog post up to its last letter!

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