5 WordPress Data Back-Up Plugins For 2020

WordPRess Data Backup Plugins

If you are running a website, there’s a 35% chance you are using WordPress. The most popular content management platform hosts more than a third of all websites on the Internet, which means it is incredibly versatile and powerful. With WordPress, you can do pretty much anything from writing a blog to opening an online retail store. 

But you shouldn’t forget that frequent content creation leads to a massive database. You have to protect in order to make the site fully functional in the long run. The database stores every little detail that appears on your website, including articles, URLs, and blog comments. In such circumstances, regular data backups are critical to the success of your online endeavors. 

With a proper backup of your WordPress database and files, you can quickly restore things back to normal. The good thing about it is that you can automate the process, so keep reading to see the best WordPress data backup plugins for 2020.

Best Plugins to Automate Website Backups

Although it sounds simple, the whole data backup process is actually complex. A good tool will take care of it nonetheless, but you should know what to look for before installing any plugins. Here are the basic features of a top-level data backup plugin:

Reliability: The plugin has to be trustworthy and has a proven track record.
Testing: It must come with a testing option because you don’t want to wait for a problem to
occur without checking whether it really works.
Simplicity: A good backup plugin is intuitive and easy to figure out.
Fast recovery: If your site goes down, you definitely want to restore it as soon as possible.
Flexible frequency: You should be able to control the backup frequency.
Lightweight processes: You don’t need a plugin that burdens your site and slows it down.
Customization: Finally, webmasters must have lots of options to tailor a backup plugin based on
their specific needs.

The plugins we are about to show you fulfill all of these requirements, but we will discuss each one separately. Without further ado, let’s see the five most reliable WordPress data backup tools.

1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is by far the most popular WordPress backup plugin with over two million active installations. It has a broad scope of functions, so even the most demanding webmasters consider it to be a trustworthy tool.

UpdraftPlus comes in two versions: free and premium. The former allows you to conduct manual backups free of charge or make a schedule of automatic backups. It has more than enough cloud-based backup solutions, so you can save the database on platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, email,Amazon S3, and many more.

The premium version of UpdraftPlus is even better as it offers you additional features. Some of the
notable functions are:

– Incremental backups
– Additional storage destinations such as Azure or OneDrive
– Advanced analytics and reporting
– Dedicated customer service

2. BackUpWordPress

If you are looking for a super-simple data support solution, then you should look no further than BackUpWordPress. It’s a user-friendly platform with intuitive functions, which makes it perfect for inexperienced WordPress webmasters.

The plugin is free, so you can use all of the features with no extra costs. BackUpWordPress works with servers such as Linux and Windows, enabling webmasters to manually schedule backups. It will not overload your site as it functions in a low-memory mode. If you wish, you can set up the plugin so as to send you every backed-up file via email.

Multiple translations are yet another detail we really like about BackUpWordPress. With this plugin at your disposal, you can adjust the site for dozens of languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

3. Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy backs up your whole WordPress site, provides scheduled backups, allows you to send and/or store backups remotely off-site, and has a process for quickly and easily restoring WordPress from a backup. As such, the plugin represents one of the most comprehensive data backup solutions for WordPress.

Backup Buddy leaves you the option of scheduling backups, so you can do it in real-time, daily, monthly,or any other way you want. Besides that, the tool guarantees additional functions such as:

– Customized content procedures
– Remote storing of your backup files
– Instant email notifications
– Download a zip file of a backed-up site
– Website restores via Import Buddy

4. Duplicator

Duplicator is essentially a WordPress migration plugin, but it also offers a highly reliable backup solution to website administrators. This means that Duplicator has all the backup functions you might expect from a solid plugin, including backup schedules, cloud storage, or email alerts. 

You can use it to save the website in the zip format, which means you can transfer and download it offline and/or migrate across multiple servers. What we really like about Duplicator is the platform’s cloning feature.

Namely, Duplicator can save your configuration settings, so all the adjustments related to themes or plugins will remain intact. That way, there is no need for any intervention from your side – Duplicator automates the process and completely eliminates manual work.

5. Vault Press

The last plugin on our list is Vault Press, a Jetpack-powered tool that simplifies database backups. It takes care of WordPress websites in their entirety, so you don’t have to worry about losing files, article comments, or any other detail. The free version of Vault Press includes the following functions:

– Daily backups with an unlimited storage capacity
– Simple one-click website restores
– Website migrations
– Uptime monitoring
– Anti-spam solutions
– Brute force attack protection
– Reporting and analytics

Vault Press dashboard is a particularly useful feature as it allows webmasters to control every action from a single source. Vault Press also has a number of additional cybersecurity functions, which makes the tool even better.

Up to You

WordPress is the most versatile content management system, but you have to treat it carefully to ensure an effortless functioning of the platform. That includes regular database backups, a feature you can automate by installing a reliable tool. 

In this post, we discussed the five best WordPress data backup plugins for 2020. We encourage you to test each tool and choose the plugin that matches your style of work. It won’t only make website administration simpler but also help you optimize the site long-term.

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