7 Secret Social Media Tactics that the Experts Don’t Want to Disclose

Social media strategies experts do not want you to know

The world of social media is always laden with cloak and dagger tactics. The experts always make it a point to safeguard their secrets wholeheartedly so that the competitors don’t get aware of it. It is not easy to figure out such social media marketing strategies from the renowned social media gurus out there. They make use of social media platforms for businesses in such a tricky way that only the results but not their approaches seem to be understandable for laymen.

However, in this post, you will be able to figure out such invigorating social media tactics for businesses which the experts know but they usually don’t disclose.

Do you want to take a glimpse of those ideal social media marketing ideas from the specialists?

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#1 – Go for late night posts

There has been a lot of assumptions about the right time to publish on social media platforms. Howbeit, if you stick to what the experts believe, you can notice that they often like to publish their posts later in the evening.

Well, this social media tactic for businesses makes real sense. Just think about it. During the day, most of your audience remain at work, at school, or take care of the family. And in the mornings, they remain too busy to pay any attention to their social media profiles.

However, at night, when they unwind for the day, they sit back and relax, and browse through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. It is recommended to take advantage of this situation and schedule all your posts in the evening.

#2 – Plan your Instagram posts in advance

Social media marketing is a strategic approach but still, some works tend to be pretty hectic at the time. For example, publishing Instagram posts on daily basis is one such headache. It results in a somewhat wild inconsistency of your publishing schedule.

Of course, there are no official tools available to allow you an automatic approach to publishing Instagram posts. However, you can make use of a couple of massive social media marketing weapons like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule out your Instagram calendar. With just a couple of clicks, your posts will go live and you will also receive notifications from it. It can dramatically cut down the time that you’ve to otherwise spend on Instagram promotion for business.

#3 – Make use of GIFs on Twitter

The experts believe that GIFs haven’t become as much popular as videos and photos yet when it comes to social media marketing. However, when it comes to the well-known social media platforms for businesses like Twitter, they can really entice amazing results. Using GIFs can prove to be one of the best social media marketing tactics which can let your stand out.

#4 – Do meaningful interaction

It is true that Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social media platforms. Hence, people often comment on your posts on them. Always make sure that you are taking them seriously. The experts might not have claimed it publicly but it is one of their most effective secrets to developing a significant relationship with the users.

It might need you to put a little bit of extra effort for that but it is worth putting some good amount of creativity and figuring out a couple of unique ways to respond to customer’s personalized messages. The more time you will spend to come up with a customized approach to handle customers, the better will be the brand advocates for you.

#5 – Tag Influencers in your LinkedIn posts

If you are up for promoting a piece of content in LinkedIn or provide a worthy message to your followers, make use of this easy hack to let the biggest influencers see your posts. The social media experts have a strong belief that you can earn a huge benefit while doing so.

Just tag them in your post while making use of @influencername and an email will be automatically sent to them regarding your recent post. Well, this is even much more effective when you personally have a relationship with the influencer. It can be a great tactic for your brand and your content too for getting maximum views.

#6 – Go for call sharing

Once in a year, there’s no harm in giving your customers a call asking them to follow you on social media platforms. You can go through the customer database beforehand to get a comprehensive idea. If you do so, you would be surprised to know that a good number of your buyers might not be the members of your social media community. Just a single call to them and they will become an active member!

Whether you are leading a B2B or B2C business, such a call to your customers will prove to be immensely productive for you. In the case of the former type, you will end up gaining some new reviews which will be fantastic for your online presence. For the latter one, such a tasteful call to your customers can lead you to astounding customer engagement.

#7 – Keep an eye on your success

The experts believe the being updated about everything that’s happening on social media is the right trick always. If you know what kind of content is working on social media then it can improve your social media marketing strategy in a tremendous way. Hence, it is crucial to track the specific posts always so that you can have an idea of the report at the end of the year.

While doing so for a significant period of time, you’ll be able to figure out what kind of posts your audience is interested in. Thus, you will be able to showcase more of the things that your audience would like to see.

Aren’t these social media marketing ideas really unique?

Well, the experts are fond of these and there must be some vital reasons behind that. Just opt for them now and your social media campaigns will certainly end up with skyrocketing results.

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