7 Tips To Market Yourself As A Freelance Designer

When it comes to making money within the boundaries of your home, freelancing is the best option. The sector is booming fast. According to Nasdaq, by 2020, 43% of the workforce in the United States will be freelancers.

Besides many industries, graphic design is one sector that’s bringing freelancing jobs for professionals all around the world.

Get your name out and see how people would break the barriers to hire you! But the first challenge to do so is finding out how. Although there aren’t any shorts cuts, here we are going to share some tips to ease the process.

Read on these 7 tips to market yourself as a freelance designer.

#1 – Define your Identity

Who you are as a graphic designer if you don’t know this, how would you build your brand? The answer is you can’t. That is why it’s important to know who you are as a designer. Who do you target?

Take these questions seriously to develop your brand identity. Once you have clear ideas, you can make decisions around this identity. It will make your branding cohesive. You need to lock down these questions before starting any branding or design related work. 

  • What are your missions and values?
  • Why you and not others?
  • What’s your brand personality?
  • What’s your specialization?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • What are your strongest skills as a designer?
  • How would you describe your work?
  • How would your clients describe your work?
  • What are your most prominent features as a designer?

Start mulling over these questions as much as you can. When you get the answers, that’s what would define you as a designer. Until and unless you know who you are as a creative person, you can’t infuse creativity in your work.

If you know yourself better, it’s sure you will persuade your clients better. That’s where you start growing as a designer.

#2 – Create your Point of Difference (POD)

Your point of difference is the critical stimulant. It is what sets you apart from other designers. Clients choose you over others just because of your POD. It is what you are well-versed in than others.

Have you been designing high-profile logos since your starting days? Is your turn out quick? Or do you follow design briefs thoroughly to come up with a design? Give the answers to every detail that the clients would be expecting from you. Figure out your strengths and skills that set you apart. It is the thing that will convince your potential clients that you are the designer they’ve been looking for.

Make it the front and central part of your branding strategy.

#3 – Find your Niche

Considering which type of designer your clients would like isn’t enough. Knowing which type of industry or client you would want to attract helps you create a targeted marketing plan.  It will also affect how you put yourself in front of your clients or places where you may find new businesses.

Do your clients go to a particular sector for the same skills you possess? Or have you created designs that work not only for similar clients but their competitors? Finding your niche can help you brand yourself quickly and land you more projects.

#4 – Start your Design Blog

It doesn’t matter whether you write or not. Starting your own blog is helpful in brand building. Update it with snippets of your design every day along with some personal projects. It helps you in maximizing your online presence. Also, it gives you exposure within your industry.

You can check out many famous designers’ blogs and create one for yourself.

#5 – Be Social, Create Social Profiles

Don’t like to be on Facebook? Chances are you would lose your potential clients. Social media networking sites tend to get you many projects and good clients. Also, it helps you get your work out and attract people.

Create a dedicated social networking account for your freelance work or use your personal one. You would be amazed to receive work through your social accounts. The new era entrepreneurs don’t look at social media as a means of entertainment but business and growing connections.

One advantage is that you can handle all the feedback and discussions on your Facebook account.

Also, make sure to open your account on websites like ArtStation, Bechance, Draw Crowd, Deviant Art and Pinterest.

#6 – Treat your Existing and Potential Clients

Your clients whether new or existing need to be treated on special occasions. After all, they give you many projects. You can provide free updates or even an add-on project for free. Once they know that you think about them, they will never look to any other designer.

Business isn’t just about making money but strengthening a relationship. It is also about caring. The industry needs not only professionals but people who care about those who use their services.

#7 – Seek Client Referrals

Referrals are great for growing contacts. It helps you in creating networks of people and later on utilizing it for various purposes. If you have had a fantastic experience with your clients, do ask them to get the word out. Don’t shy about asking your satisfied clients to share their experience while working with you.

Once a client’s feedback reaches to your inbox or message box, don’t forget to publicize it across your digital channels. Who knows, your clients may help you bag your next project?


Having great graphic design ideas and working from home isn’t enough. Even if you are a designer, branding is essential. Many designers may feel confident about their skills and killer designs. But when it comes to establishing themselves as freelance designers, many may get the jitters.

We had discussed seven ways to brand yourself as a freelance designer. We hope that you find these ideas helpful. Let us know if you have any other idea in mind.

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