9 Blogs on Information Security to Keep You Safe from Cybercrime

Cyber security blogs

According to a report by RBS, it took only 12 security breaches to expose more than 100 million sensitive personal and corporate records. These breaches accounted for a third of all the security breaches that happened in 2018. What is interesting is that hackers are not the only ones responsible for this problem. Namely, human negligence and lack of preparedness is what led to large amounts of data being readily available to hackers.

Technology is advancing at unprecedented rates which opens doors to many new types of cybersecurity threats. Hackers are utilizing and exploiting modern technology to get what they want, but this doesn’t mean we should be unprepared. Anyone operating online today should have at least a basic understanding of the concepts behind information security.

Luckily, cyber security professionals are giving back to the world by sharing valuable information on how to stay protected. And all we need to do is listen. With that being said, here are 10 blogs on information security to help you, your clients and your business stay safe online.

Data Insider by Digital Guardian

The Digital Guardian blog has been publishing articles on information security on a daily basis since 2014. In 2016, Digital Guardian rebranded the blog as Data Insider. The blog mainly features articles on data protection and threat research. It addresses data theft issues on corporate networks, cloud apps, mobile devices, and other endpoints.

Besides latest cyber security news, Data Insider publishes infographics, feature articles, and news roundup posts as a part of their Friday Five series. The company also recently hired Chris Brook – a renowned cyber security editor. Data Insider is an excellent learning resource, especially if you are looking for content created by an internationally-recognized cyber security provider.

Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier is the security guru behind this award winning cyber security blog. He started it back in 2004 as a personal blog. Scheier on Security features tech essays, cyber security news and academic papers. The blog has attracted more than 250,000 readers over the course of 13 years.

Bruce Schneier is the chief technology officer (CTO) at IBM Resilient, which says a lot about his expertise. He is also a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) – an international non-profit digital rights group based in San Francisco. Schneier also runs Crypto-Gram, an equally popular monthly newsletter which is a digest of the posts from his personal blog Schneier on Security.

Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs suffered an attack from an infamous hacker organization in 2001. The incident happened while he was trying to setup a firewall. According to Krebs, this attack led him to become obsessed with cyber security and launch a blog called Security Fix in 2005. A few years later, he launched Krebs on Security which quickly gained in popularity.

The blog focuses on topics related to cyber crime investigations, latest data breaches,  cyber security threats and updates, hacking and cyber-justice news. Krebs is mostly interested in the issue of cyber crime. The blog covers stories of hackers being arrested and has even helped authorities seize several hacking organizations.


Threat post is a comprehensive resource of informative content related to cyber security in general. The site covers topics related to cyber security, cloud security, critical infrastructure, cryptography and much more. Threat post is run by a well-known cyber security journalist Michael Mimoso, who prides himself for enabling the daily production of high-quality security-related content.

The blog is filled with articles any tech enthusiast would appreciate. It features the latest security news, along with videos, feature reports, and podcasts. Numerous publications have recognized the quality Threat post continues to deliver. The blog was supported by the NY Times, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and others.

Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a security expert who started the eponymous cyber security blog. Hunt is on a mission to help web developers with cyber security issues. He is a Microsoft regional director, but doesn’t work for the company. Troy is respected by the information security community for his extensive knowledge he demonstrates on the Troy Hunt  blog.

The blog offers insights into a great number of cyber security topics. It also features tutorials adapted from Troy’s cyber security courses and weekly security news. Besides the blog, Troy is also the person behind Have I been Pwned data breach service that lets you check if your email has been compromised. If you are interested in learning from the best and staying ahead of the tech curve, be sure to check out his blog.

ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 Blog

Advisera was founded in 2009 with an aim to help businesses and individuals with understanding and implementing various industry standards. This includes security standards such as ISO 27001 and regulations such as GDPR. The company has come a long way to become one of the market leaders for online support and documentation relating to various industry standards.

Advisera’s ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 blog is packed with crucial information related to information security compliance and its best practices. You can learn how to establish security of information across an entire organization, with detailed explanations of laws and regulations dictated by internationally recognized security standards. The blog is written by experienced security experts, analysts and ethical hackers. It offers valuable information to anyone serious about InfoSec compliance.

Graham Cluley

Before starting his personal blog, Graham worked for Sophos and McAfee – the industry leaders in cyber security. He is a computer programmer working in the security industry and has started the Graham Cluley blog in 2009. His blog quickly climbed the success ladder, earning him multiple awards.

Graham Cluley blog even helped him get admitted into the Info security Hall of Fame. His blog has been featured on Telegraph, Computer Weekly, IT Week, and many other respected publications. The Graham Cluley blog publishes relevant industry news articles, podcasts and videos. In a program called Smashing Security,  he discusses trending IT topics with security experts alike.


Peerlys was founded by Limor Elbaz, who started her career in information security in the Israely Air Force. She founded the site in San Francisco in 2011 with a team of security experts and engineers. The goal was to make it easier for IT pros to share knowledge and resources to better secure their enterprises.

Peerlys is a data-driven community, allowing IT pros to use its powerful information extraction algorithm to find and learn about various security products. The site is also filled with tons of information related to information security. Peerlyst offers articles, discussion boards on the topic of cybersecurity and security in general, information on a host of security products and more.

Security Boulevard

Security Boulevard was founded by Alan Shimel in 2017, with the intention to create a thriving space for the security community. His main focus was on DevSecOps and their “Security Connect: DevSecOps Edition at RSAC” grew to become one of the largest DevSecOps gatherings in the world.

Security Boulevard serves as an intersection for the DevSecOps and security communities. It features video and audio content created by the security industry leaders. Security Boulevard offers fresh cyber security news and is quickly becoming a go-to resource for cyber security education.

Better Cyber Safe than Sorry

Today it can be difficult to set aside some time to learn about things such as cyber security or information security, especially if it does not relate directly to your job. But from phishing to malware injections, threats lurk around every corner. So what can you do about it before hiring cyber security experts to help?

One of the most important things when it comes to establishing cyber security is being educated on the types of threats you might encounter. And each one of these blogs offers valuable information on staying protected from cyber criminals.

So to avoid losing time, money and clients, it is highly advisable to start informing yourself on the pitfalls of cyber security. And with so much resources around this task becomes so much easier. Remember, it’s always better to be (cyber) safe than sorry.

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