Are 1 Page Websites Any Good for SEO ? (Podcast)

Disadvantages of a 1 page website


Hi, Tony here and in today’s podcast, I’m going to be asking the question, are one-page websites any good for SEO?

Now, increasingly I’m seeing more and more people opting for one-page websites. And some of them look absolutely fantastic.

One Page Websites Are Really Popular (and Cheap)…

And I think what’s really driving this these days, is the move towards mobile-friendly websites.

But I’m also suspicious, I’m guessing here that people are also opting for one-page websites because they look fantastic, but also because they’re cheap.

You typically go to a web designer and say, “I want a website. I’ve seen this one, it’s a one-page, it looks really neat and I just want one that’s fairly similar.”

But 1 Page Websites Are A False Economy

And I think that that could be a false economy and I’m going to come out here and say my view is that you shouldn’t go for a one-page website, and here’s my thinking behind that.

Basically, we did some research and we looked at the difference between higher ranking websites in local B2B markets, so we looked at things like accountants, commercial cleaners, telemarketing companies, that type of business.

Higher Ranking Websites Have More Pages – Fact!

And we found a distinct correlation between the high-ranking websites that had a higher number of pages than lower ranking websites.

So that’s my main thinking behind this. One-page websites, you’re just not casting a wide enough net.

You’re not giving yourself the opportunity to rank for lots of keywords in Google, you’re not giving the opportunity to really talk in-depth about your products and services.

You’re not getting an opportunity to show your expertise.

And really, I just think that with a one-page website, you’re putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Sure, One Page Websites Are Cheap & Attractive…

So I understand the attraction of them, you can go and buy a template, maybe it costs $40, $50. You can go and find a freelancer on Upwork or Guru or PeoplePerHour or whatever, and it’ll take you a couple of hours, and hey presto, you’ve got this really beautiful looking web page.

And I do admit, I openly admit they look fantastic. This one-page website, you look at it on a mobile, it looks really nice and it’s all responsive. And you go up and it has got all these effects with the navigation. It looks absolutely fantastic on mobile devices.

…But Here’s What You Need If You Want Top Rankings

But ultimately, I just don’t think it cuts it when it comes to building your business, getting a higher ranking, all of those types of things.

I prefer a website that’s got lots of content.

I want to see lots of pages.

I want to see content talking about the different products and services that you offer.

I want see a blog.

I want you to be demonstrating that you’re an expert, that you’re an industry leader.

And I think that’s a state of mind that a lot of people think, “Well, I can’t do that. That can’t possibly be me.”

But think about it, if you want to be the number one business in your area, that’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to show your expertise.

You’ve got to show that you’re the best accountant, you’re the best plumber, you’re the best garden designer, you’re the best builder.

Whatever services that you offer in a one-page website, just doesn’t cut the mustard as far as I’m concerned.

So I’m going to come out on this one and say that one-page websites, they’re not as good for SEO. Sure, if you’re Apple or some huge company and you’ve just launched a product and you want to create a specific landing page or one-page for it, then obviously that’s a different matter.

One Page Landing Pages Are Perfect For Pay Per Click

Where the one-page website does come into its own, is if you’re using it as a landing page for a pay-per-click campaign.

If it’s separate from your main website, and what you’re doing is you’re directing your paid traffic there and it could be to download a report, it could be to give them some specific information or sell a specific service.

That’s when one-page websites come into their own.

But that’s pay-per-click, that’s paid search, that’s as opposed to SEO.

SEO, that’s for your main website, for your main business, the money pages of your website.

So, avoid having a one-page website for your main website. That’s my advice, okay? I hope you found that useful. Keep tuning in, we’ve got loads of hints, loads of tips, and ways for you to grow your business using the power of online marketing. Okay, thanks very much for your time. Speak to you soon.


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    Great advice- I’m setting up a new business and only want a few select peopke to see my offering so SEO is not of importance so I want it found by peopke who are given the URL so it maybe that I just create a one pager that holds the info and video. Great advice as ever Tony.

  2. 3

    in that case If I want my site to do well in the search results I should not have a one page website. Thank you for making it so clear.

    • 4

      Hi Amel,

      I’m sure they would work for established brands using them as landing pages for a particular product or service but if it’s for your business I think you need a wider online ‘footprint’.

      The evidence is there that better performing websites have more content & more pages.

      All the best,

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