How to Find Investors for a Startup: A Comprehensive Guide

Guide to finding an investor for your startup company

Software development is costly. For most people, it’ll be hard to keep a startup afloat on their own funds. Unless they work on the project alone and perform all the functions on their own. That’s why the necessity to attract investors and fund the startup arises quite often. It’s worth noting that only 30% of


Why You Shouldn’t Redirect 404s to Your Homepage?

404 error redirect and recommendations

The question of what to do with 404 errors on your website is one of those eternal conversations for those who work in SEO. Clients and bosses can often live in mortal fear of their users seeing a 404 page. For many, the “solution” is to blanket redirect users from any page returning a 404


How to Get Backlinks: A Comprehensive Guide to Backlink Building

How to get backlinks to your website

It will be a long time before link building takes a back seat if it’s at all possible. Authoritative backlinks are still a core SEO factor telling the search engine that your site is relevant and trustworthy. That said, the essential quality of links has changed. Over the past few years, the SEO world started


3 Effective Ways to Kickstart Your Ecommerce Business

Just about everyone has a website these days, and for good reason – there’s simply more and more money to be made online each year (take the $453.46 billion of U.S. ecommerce transactions in 2017 vs $390.99 billion in 2016 for instance, a growth of over $62 billion). However, with opportunity comes competition. Even if


10 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Add New Content to Your Blog

The importance of new content on your blog

There is no denying that content is one of the most important aspects of any website. You may have a great site design and a user friendly website, but it’s your content that your viewers are likely to be most interested in. Whenever you add new articles to your blog or additional pages to your