How to Promote Your Business With Your Own Custom Merchandise

We all have our favourite brands, movies, shows, band and artists. And it doesn’t stop at mere ‘fandom’ – we want to wear their t-shirts, buy their prints, and surround ourselves with the things we love. Pop culture is littered with iconic t-shirts, bumper stickers and posters that have entered the collective consciousness – and


13 Reasons Your Business Website Needs a Blog

Why businesses need a blog

Blogging, if done for the purpose of content marketing, is a powerful lead generating method and a necessary addition to the overall marketing strategy of your business. Pair content creation with search engine optimisation and you will take your first steps towards online success. Here’s how you will greatly benefit from a well-developed blog: 1.


10 Reasons Why Your Business Is Screaming For A New Website

Reasons you need a new website

Don’t have a website for your business? You have but your conversions are down? It could be that your website is in direct need of a makeover. First of all, your business needs a website. All your rivals have one and a website offers customers a social proof, ensures you control the narrative, and it


How to Build Links and Exposure With Targeted Guest Blogging

Benefits of guest blogging in order to build links

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to attract a new class of audience to your own website. It helps you establish long term relationships with other bloggers and enables you to get strong editorial links directed to your website. In this short definitive article, I’ll discuss how you can go about targeted guest


How much should I pay for SEO? (Podcast)

Costs for SEO services

  Hello, and welcome to the Pickaweb Business School Podcast. This is Tony here. And today, we’re going to be answering a tough question, and this is one that gets asked, surprisingly, frequently. And that is, “How much should I pay for SEO?” Now, I hate it when people start answering a question by saying,