Everything You Need to Know About Website Localization

Website Localization Explained

Expanding your business to reach out to customers who speak another language is an exciting prospect. Whether you’re planning to trade across national borders or simply want to engage new domestic audiences, translating your website is an excellent way to do so. However, website translation is about far more than merely converting one language to


How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

Lnading page conversion

If you want to generate leads and sales from all the traffic you are driving to your website, you need to create a landing page. On average websites convert around 2%, but not landing pages. The average landing page converts at 4.02%. That’s 2 times better than a regular page. And then there are webinar


How To Transfer iPhone photos To Your Computer

How to transfer Iphone photos to your computer

With iPhone cameras getting better with every new iteration, you are going to need more free space since their images have high resolution. It is not a secret that iPhone devices have sophisticated cameras that produce quality photos thanks to its support for RAW images and 4k videos that produce larger files. If you are


How To Deliver An IT Project Successfully

Delivering IT projects

Always start with a business question! Every IT project you undertake should answer a fundamental business question. Does this project generate more revenue? Does this align with our company strategy? Will we increase our profit? But I’d like to introduce an overriding question, maybe even more fundamental than the others: Does this project deliver Customer


10 Top Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Small business owners and individual entrepreneurs have got a brilliant opportunity in this digital world to not only showcase their talent but also communicate with prospects effectively. Since there are established brands and organizations already ruling the market, it would be challenging yet crucial for emerging small businesses to get new business and recognition in