The Complete Guide To Google AdWords for Local Business

PPC - Google adwords guide

[toc] As a business owner you’ve probably heard of Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Adwords. Unfortunately, for many small and local business owners, it can seem quite confusing. Maybe you’ve tried it before and you didn’t get the results you were hoping for. The truth is there is a bit of learning curve when


Ultimate List of Best Magento Extensions & Plugins For Ecommerce

List of magento extensions for ecommerce List of Best Magento Extensions & Plugins [toc] If you use Magento to power your Ecommerce store then read on because we’ve hand picked a collection of the best Magento Extensions and Plugins that you can use to take your online store to the next level. Magento is possibly the most robust Ecommerce


5 Important Points To Consider When You Build Your First Website

Building a website, what to take into account

Things You Shoud Know Before You Build Your Website In this post I’m going to give you 5 important tips which you should consider when building your first website. The reason I’ve written this post is because I get a fair few questions from customers and friends alike about advice on setting up a new


4 New Year Resolutions That Will Make A Massive Difference To Your Business

Business new year resolutions to take it to the next level

Yes, it’s here again. New year and time to start looking ahead! The trouble with most new year resolutions is that they involve denying ourselves something. You know “I’m going to give up smoking/drinking/junk food” or whatever. But when it comes to your business I’ve got 4 resolutions that are easy to stick to and


7 Easy Ways To Improve A Small Business Blog

Tips on how to improve your business blog

If you’ve got a small business website and you’re not getting the results you want then read on because I’ve got 7 ways you can improve your business blog. But first, have you even got a blog setup for your business? Whenever I speak to a business owner who’s looking to grow their business one