Best Parental Control Apps for 2020

Lately, smartphones have played a great role in our lives and hardly a day passes by without scrolling our mobile devices. We can run mad if we are denied these gadgets. Our kids are following suit and all the time they can spare, it’s even worse. It goes without saying that mobile devices are addictive. Social media, grumbling, and gaming apps are the main culprits when it comes to addictive apps. To prevent our children from falling prey to these troublesome apps, we need other apps called parental control mobile apps.

If you are a parent and want to manage  your kid’s access to their mobile devices, you will need the following apps. This is the best parental control apps for 2019 and they have the best control child control features to guide our children. Read on for more insights.

Can you control what your kids do with their phones? 

Yes, it is very possible to keep track of what children do with their phones. As a parent or guardian, you can do this in two ways:

  • By going through the child’s devices what they are accessing using their mobile devices. The information you get here may be inaccurate since some may be deleted, and you know how teenagers don’t like anyone snooping on their phones.
  • The second method which is the better one is using parental control apps. So, I suggest you use this method if you want to get reliable and accurate results when you are controlling your kids’ gadgets.

  1. Norton Family Parental Control

Norton provides various apps which include the Norton Family Parental Control app. This app is used to monitor kids’ phones and requires parents to sign up first, on your phone and your child’s phone. Before using the app you will have to accept the terms and conditions first. As you set the app, it will prompt you to choose the level of surveillance. The surveillance level depends on different age groups. Accounts are set differently for each child and are managed separately to make it easier to track your children. Each child’s account will have three sections: Alerts, Activity, and Rules. Activities involve social media, messages, and calls made. The beauty of this parental app is that it allows you to enable or disable any of the monitoring features. You can even choose to lock your child or all of your children’s phones if it’s necessary. You can easily track your children’s devices; however, sometimes the app slows your device down. Norton Family Parental Control is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

  2. Parental Controls and Kids GPS: Kaspersky SafeKids

This parental control app by Kaspersky has a familiar process of starting. At first, you will need to create an account and agree with the terms and conditions. You also need to install the app on your device and your kid’s device too. This makes it easier for you to track your kid’s activities. The app provides you with four sections to get monitoring info: Alerts, Activities, Settings, and Summary. It’s a free parental app that allows you to access various tracking options easily. As a parent or guardian, you can track your kid’s location, internet usage, app usage, and more. All these options are tweaked easily to suit your control needs. Moreover, the app allows users to set a pin or fingerprint authentication for security. Don’t worry about your child installing the app; there is a feature that allows you to lock your app. For enhanced capabilities, several plans are available. It’s an easy to use parental control app, however, setting it up is time-consuming.

  3. Qustodio

Another great parental app is Qustodio, which allows parents to know about their child’s smartphone usage and if there is a need, parents can and limit it. There is also an option to limit the web, games, and apps’ usage. Parents can also block calls and messages, track their social lifestyle, and location. The app is really handy, allowing users to respond to emergencies with a panic button. Like many parental apps, parents get started by accepting the terms and conditions as they sign up. An overview is then provided about the app so that you can easily understand how it works. What makes this app unique is how it provides you with a sample child so that you vividly understand how it works. Parents can access reports about the child since the app provides them with information by listing down all the activities of the child. You will get information such as the screen time and usage of each app. This is about the apps you allowed or denied your child’s access to. The premium version gives unlocks more features, but you will have to pay for it. The downside is that the free version lacks important tracking features. You can get it for your Android or iOS platforms.

  4. Google Family Link

Besides developing the Digital Wellbeing tool for Android smartphones, Google also has a parental control app for monitoring your child’s phone. This nifty app allows parents to limit your child’s phone screen time, allow or block certain apps according to your preference, and set day or night usage restrictions. To use it, you are also required to agree with the terms and conditions, set an account, and install the Google Family Link for children and teens app on your child’s device. You can also customize the controls in your app. The app doesn’t require much to use it since it’s very easy to use. However, the only problem is you are trying to set it up; it is time-consuming. Benefits include a clean user interface and you can get it in both iOS and Android.

  5. MMGuardian

You will love this app for its slew of features for smartphone monitoring for parents. Some of its features include app usage limit and blocking calls and messages, just like the Google Family Link app. Another awesome control is filtering out web content for the children. We also have the alerts feature, where you will get notifications to alert you if your child has installed a new app in his or her device. It’s a unique feature not found in most of the apps and that is what makes it one of the best parental apps of 2019. Additionally, the app can detect if there are any inappropriate media in your child’s device. Just select the various options found in the app to use them and you are good to go. You will, however, need to pay to access advanced features. One major setback is that some of the features are not enabled. You can use this app whether your device is Android or iOS.

  6. Safe Browser Parental Control

This particular parental control app allows parents to filter your kid’s browser for Adult or phonographic sites. It focuses mainly on browser usage. You can filter websites by creating whitelists and blacklists of websites. Moreover, there is the Child Lock feature that allows you to restrict other apps usage by blocking them. This feature will automatically only work if you have already downloaded this app on your child’s smartphone. Besides all these, the app store is web-based Ana allows voice navigation for convincing. You can subscribe to the premium version if want to access advanced features. Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, you can still benefit from this parental control app.

  7. Screen Time

As the name suggests, this nifty app is meant to limit screen time, and also provide a couple of Android and iPhone parental controls. To get started with this app, you will need to download the app install it and set accounts on both your child’s smartphone and yours. You will also need a pin for added protection. You can limit it accordingly by tracking your child’s phone usage. An added feature that doesn’t come with many parental control apps is where it allows parents to give their children tasks. This makes it interesting for the child and if they can perform the tasks correctly, they will get extra screen time for app usage. To make it better, the tasks are productive, in that they can do their homework or chores. Other great features include pin setting, location tracking, and the premium version has a feature called Free Play mode, where the child can use the device with any restrictions. It’s a great parental control app for both Android and iOS users.

  8. ESET Parental Control

This parental control app is a brilliant choice for parents as it allows them to see how their children use the web and sets limitations on usage if they find something fishy. You can get started easily just like the other parental control apps. There are four sections in this app and they include Home, Locator, Rules, and Devices. Once done with the setup process, you can easily track your child’s activities and restrict usage if necessary. You can track your children’s location from the Locator section. The premium version of the app allows you to track and give you reports for an entire month.


The best thing about mobile developmentis that you can also use it to bring solutions to the various problems it brings. As much as smartphones and other mobile devices help us to communicate, we also need to limit how it’s used with our children. This helps them to be responsible members of society.

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