Best Plugins To Speed Up WordPress

faster load plugins for WordPress

In this post I will share with you the best plugins that will help to speed up WordPress.

List of WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site Faster

We have put together a list with our top recommendations to make your WordPress site super fast.

WordPress Caching Plugins

Caching is the temporary storage of web pages and images. Basically your web browser stores copies of web pages you’ve visited in order to put less stress on the servers they are stored and therefore reduce their bandwidth costs.

Our favourite WordPress caching plugins are

W3 Total Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Fastest Cache

Cache Enabler

Gallery Plugins

Images are always a cause for concern with regards to loading speeds. The more images on a page, the slower it takes to load due to the extra data. This is particularly problematic if you have a gallery on your website. Many businesses or individuals have gallery pages to showcase their work to users. If this applies to you, then you need a plugin to optimise your gallery.

A good gallery plugin comes with a responsive design to optimise your gallery for mobile devices as well as desktop PCs. It should also include features that make it easier for your site to download and display all the images at a second’s notice.

We recommend

Envira Gallery


Image Optimisation Plugin

Speaking of images, it’s a good idea to get a general image plugin too. This will help optimise your images on every page on your website. They work very well and aim to remove some of the extra weight that images carry.

It’s a bit like when car manufacturers take their car and strip down any parts of it that add extra weight to help it drive faster. The same concept is at play here, and you can drop the size of your images, making them easier to load.

We recommend


It is a great plugin and it really works hard to strip each image of anything that’s not essential. It can even get rid of colours that are unused in the image, which actually saves a lot of memory.

Lazy Load Plugins

The concept of ‘lazy load’ is to only load up parts of a page when it’s necessary for them to be loaded. If you’ve got a page that’s dominated by text but includes an image near the bottom of the page, then it can take a long time to load for pretty much no reason. Users might not even go to the bottom of the page before clicking on a different page on your site.

As a consequence, you can use a lazy loading plugin to load up the text element of that page but not the image. The image will only load when it’s necessary; e.g. when the user scrolls to it. This is very effective for large websites that are struggling with loading times. You’ll see your speeds decreases and your pages will load up quickly.

The best lazy load plugins we’ve come across are:

Any of these three plugins will do the job, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

We’ve listed four different types of plugins here that will definitely speed up your WordPress site. Within each type, we’ve recommended specific plugins to help get the job done.

Each plugin addresses a common issue that causes slow loading speeds in many WordPress websites.

By caching your pages, tackling large image files, and lazy loading some pages, your site will be faster than ever before. As a result, you can enjoy all the benefits of a fast website!

I hope you found this post useful on how to speed up your WordPress site. Are there any other tools that you use that you can recommend?

If so, share with us and comment below.


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    Hi Pilar,

    I tried the plugins and it worked well to speed up my site – Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Best regards

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    I also recommend the plugin – Plugin Organizer. It lets you choose which plugins to load by page or post. This helps a ton with page speed when you don’t need most plugins for most pages.

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