Best Web Design Tools (Free & Paid Website Design Software)

What Are The Best Web Design Tools?

In this video I explain the 4 best web design tools for building a website.
I’ve worked with thousands of businesses of all sizes so whether you’re a one person start up that just wants to get some local traffic or an ambitious Ecommerce merchant who wants to be the next Amazon I’ll show you the best tool for building your website.

I’ve hand picked the 4 best web design software so you’ll learn which is the right choice for your business & your budget.

But not only that. I’ve got a special bonus & I’ll show you how to build a website that looks like it cost tens of thousands for just a fraction of the price.

Hi, I’m Tony Messer – the founder of Pickaweb, the web hosting company that helps businesses get online, get found and get more customers.

List Of Best Web Design Software

Option #1 – Online Website Builder

If you’re just starting out & you’re on a real tight budget, you’re not a techie & you need a basic web design tool to build your website then Pickaweb’s Website Builder will work for you.

It’s based on templates so you just choose the look you like, add your logo, content and images, click publish & boom, you’re online.

There’s nothing to download and you can add features like contacts forms and maps. You can even take PayPal payments and hook up with your social media channels like Facebook & Twitter.

It’s great for hobby sites or building a basic business website. Your friends and family will love it, but you’ll soon outgrow it if you’re determined to grow your business.

Option #2 – WordPress

A much better option for building a website that looks professional & will stand the test of time is WordPress.

WordPress is the world’s most popular web design tool and with good reason. In fact over a quarter of all websites on the internet today are built with WordPress.

That’s HUGE.

Why’s that? Well here are the 4 main reasons:

  • It’s free – it’s 100% OpenSource so no there are zero licensing costs
  • It’s easy to set up – just a one click install with our hosting plans
  • It’s Search Engine friendly so it performs well in Google
  • There are thousands of plugins so you can add extra features to your site easily

I’ll be the first to admit that WordPress has a steeper learning curve but with some trial and error you can still build your own site.

But it’s not an exotic web design tool so Developers and Designers are easy to find and costs are reasonable if you want a professionally built website.

Option #3 – WooCommerce

Now if you’re planning on selling online then next up I’d like to introduce you to WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a fully functional online shopping cart platform based on WordPress.

Like WordPress it’s free and has a TON of features with thousands of extra plugins that will make your Ecommerce business fly.

Option #4 – Magento

Finally, for those of you who want to take on Amazon & Ebay the answer is Magento.

Magento is like the Big Daddy of Ecommerce.

It comes in 2 versions – Community which is free and Enterprise which has a pretty hefty licensing cost.

Unless you’re already some kind of big thing in Ecommerce then Community is the one to go for.

But Magento isn’t for beginners & you’ll need an experienced Magento Developer.

But the upside is complete control over the whole online shopping experience which makes Magento the complete Ecommerce platform.

So, here’s my bonus for you.

The thing is that the old way of building websites has moved on.

Before you needed to get it all custom built. That meant extra time and extra cost because everything was hand made.

But now with tools like WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento you can get pre-made templates for around $50.

They look amazing and everyone will think you’ve spent a ton of cash on them. Go to a website like & you’ll see what I mean.

Just choose your template, hand it over to a developer along with your text and you’re up and running in no time.

They look great on any device whether desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

So there you have it. Four options for building a great website.

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I hope you found the 4 best web design tools useful. Have you tried other software?

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