The 4 Biggest Mistakes I See With Most Small Business Websites (Podcast)

Most Common Business Website Mistakes

Hey, how you doing there? Tony here and welcome to today’s podcast where we’re going to be looking at the 4 biggest mistakes that I see with most small business websites. So, let’s get stuck straight in. The first thing that I see is that they’re not optimized correctly. We’re talking about SEO here guys.

Mistake #1 – Not Using Industry & Location in Metatags

In particular, one really big issue that I see is not putting your industry and your location in your keywords. Now, I don’t want to get into a great big sort of deep discussion here about SEO. But basically, when someone’s sitting there in front of Google, they’re typing in something, they’re looking for your products or services these are keywords, okay?

And typically if you’re a local business, they’re going to type in industry, you know, say plumber and then location. Let’s say Cheltenham or something like say “plumber Cheltenham,” okay? So, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got your industry and your location in the keywords of your website.

Now that I’m simplifying it massively here but we did some research a little while ago and we looked at at hundreds and hundreds of different local business websites. And we looked at the top ranking ones and we looked at the lower ranking ones.

And what we found was that the top ranking ones they would use their industry and their location in their keywords. Whereas, the lower down ones, they just wouldn’t do that. So, it’s really important. The main things you need to look at are your page title and your meta description.

When you do a search in Google you’re going to see that these are the first couple of lines that you see in the Google results. That’s what Google’s picking up. So you’re basically telling Google, “Hey, this is my industry and this is where I’m located,” all right? So issue number one, not optimized correctly.

Mistake #2 – Not Enough Google Reviews

Next one, not enough reviews. Now if you go into a local search in Google you’re going to see that the top ranking websites, you’re going to see a little map appear and there’ll be three websites appearing.

Now, this is called the Google 3-Pack. And basically what you’re going to notice is that the top ranking websites there have got more reviews.

So what you need to do is go and sign up for Google My Business. It’s really simple. It’s very straightforward. It’s a free service. There’s no excuse to be not doing this. Once you’ve got your Google My Business account set up, you need to start getting some reviews.

Who are the best people to ask for reviews?

Well, your best customers!

You know who they are. You know their names, you know their email addresses. Just ask them, you know.

And when’s the best time to ask for a review?

When you’ve got a happy customer in front of you!

OK, don’t go crazy now. Don’t go getting hundreds and hundreds of reviews. Just a few is normally enough.

Mistake #3 – Not Enough Content

Next problem that I see, not enough content. And there’s two things here, not enough pages and your pages aren’t long enough. Now, if you’re sitting there scratching your head wondering how you can create more content, here’s a couple of ideas for you.

Tip: Create service or product specific pages

If you’re an accountant for example and you do a range of different services, you do maybe annual accounts, you do VAT, you do personal taxation, consulting…you know, all sorts of different types of services, don’t just create one services page that just lists them all.

Create a page for each one of them, all right?

Tip: Create Longer Pages

So, you’ve created more pages then you want longer pages, you want more content. There’s lots and lots of research that goes out there that shows that websites that have more content get better rankings. Google just likes more content and ones also that have longer pages tend to do better.

How can you create longer pages?

Tip: Create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My one really easy technique that I love is to use frequently asked questions. Just create a list, 10 or a dozen frequently asked questions.

For example when someone picks up the phone and they’re asking you about a particular service, product or service just answer those questions. A couple of sentences two or three sentences for each one will do.

All of a sudden you’re increasing the amount of content on your pages. So create service or products specific pages and create longer pages.

Mistake #4 – Not Enough Backlinks

Backlinks are very important.

This is when websites are linking to you – external websites are linking to you. This sends signals to Google and there’s some really easy quick wins that you can get here.

Quick Backlinks Wins – Local Listings

You can go to all of these kind of local listings, local directory listings. Things like Yelp, and there’s all sorts of ones, you know, things like sort of Trip Advisor. Those kind of localized listings. There’s loads and loads of those where you can get some really good links back.

Quick Backlink Wins – Social Media Accounts

Also, don’t forget about things like social media. These are free.

For example when you sign up for Twitter and LinkedIn you can link back to your website. Make sure that you’re picking those up as well.

Quick Backlink Wins – Suppliers

Also, slightly more advanced maybe get some links back from suppliers. If you’re using local suppliers, great. You’re going to get some relevant local links back.

Google will love that. Think of links as being like sort of votes in a popularity competition. So, you could send a quick testimonial to your suppliers and just invite them to feature that on their website and link back to your website so that they can demonstrate that it’s a genuine business that’s provided the testimonial.

Wrap Up

All right. So, there are four big mistakes that I see.

You can fix those nice and easily. Just optimize your pages, make sure that you’re including your industry and your location in your keywords.

Then sign up for Google My Business and start getting reviews. Start off with your best customers first of course.

Also create more content. That’s more pages. Think of service-specific pages and make your pages longer. Think about FAQs.

Finally, get a few backlinks. Go for the easy quick wins, local listings, suppliers, social media, that type of thing.

Hope you found that useful. I’ll be back soon with more hints and tips for you. Thanks, then. All the best. Bye-bye.


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