5 Ways to Customise Your Business Plan to Reach Consumers Abroad

International reach

Whether you’re selling office stationery, car accessories, or whatever it might be, it’s a good bet that your primary business concern is attracting customers and selling more goods. The good news is that there is a whole world of potential customers out there – quite literally. You may or may not have thought about going


Everything You Need to Know About Website Localization

Website Localization Explained

Expanding your business to reach out to customers who speak another language is an exciting prospect. Whether you’re planning to trade across national borders or simply want to engage new domestic audiences, translating your website is an excellent way to do so. However, website translation is about far more than merely converting one language to


How To Deliver An IT Project Successfully

Delivering IT projects

Always start with a business question! Every IT project you undertake should answer a fundamental business question. Does this project generate more revenue? Does this align with our company strategy? Will we increase our profit? But I’d like to introduce an overriding question, maybe even more fundamental than the others: Does this project deliver Customer


Creating a Healthy and Productive Work Environment From Home

Many individuals new to the world of freelancing may have a distorted view of what freelancing and working from home entails. They idealize the concept of telecommuting as an unending holiday with plenty of time to chill out, check their Instagram account, and work, well, whenever. Because of this, and other diversions, a very important


How to Use Your Company Culture as a Marketing Tool

business culture

Exchanging stories is something us humans have been doing for centuries. Think carefully about your favorite novels or television shows, perhaps it’s To Kill a Mockingbird, or maybe Game of Thrones? No matter what platform is used to tell these stories, there’s obviously something deeply personal about why a narrative has you hooked and keeps