5 Things to Remove from Your Website Immediately If You Want to Rank on Google

How to get better website rankings

Is there a single website owner or marketing expert who doesn’t want to know how to rank higher on Google? It’s a universal goal that we’re all after. When people search for information that we can provide, we want them to find our websites. With that intention, we engage in various SEO strategies, which demand


Search Intent, Your Content & Optimisation for Better Rankings

Search Intent guide

You’ve got your hosting setup, your website is looking great, your business is ready and waiting – now all you need is some traffic. If you want your website to be found by the potential customers you’re aiming for, there are a number of ways you can optimise your content to make it ‘search-engine friendly’.


Do You Think Promotional Pricing Can Drive Sales Better?

Driving more sales with promotional prices

The debate goes on with two sets of retailers and owners supporting and not supporting this pricing strategy. Promotional pricing is one of the most helpful yet disruptive strategies for companies. While both sides have proven records of gaining success or failing to do so, in this post, let us get into it. Just in


7 Steps for Writing E-commerce Product Descriptions that Generate Orders

Thinking a little deeper, you can realize that product descriptions on your eCommerce store are like the sales-man in a brick and mortar showroom. They take you to a point closest to your biggest prospects. After all, users go through numerous conversion filters to land on your product page. Only the ones who are most


5 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Tactics to Generate More Sales

conversion rate strategies

The Ecommerce space is more crowded today than ever before. Because of this, online merchants are increasingly looking for ways to entice more customers to buy from them. Though inbound marketing is making it easier to capture leads with things like SEO and social media, nearly 70% of marketers feel that their strategy is ineffective.