How to Have a Profitable Writing Career

Writing as a career tips

If there’s one piece of advice for writers that should never be overlooked, it’s the need for a writing niche. This is advice you may have already heard, but did you know that having a niche can actually help you earn more money in your writing career? Niching out makes you more valuable to clients,


How to Improve Your On-Site Content Engagement

Some website owners focus predominantly on creating content that drives traffic: they want to bring more people to their website. That’s important, of course, but it’s only half the picture. Once people arrive at your site, you need them to engage with your content. Most people won’t sign up for your mailing list the moment


8 Unique SEM Tactics to Boost Traffic to Your Website

SEM Tactics

Search engine marketing or SEM is the umbrella term for a set of tactics and strategies utilised by marketers to increase their search engine ranking. This may be critical for improving your visibility (and revenues) since you want to be high on the list of search outputs for your industry and keywords combination. As opposed


The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

SEO Chrome Extensions

If you’re looking to increase your productivity when working on SEO tasks, there’s a loads of amazing Chrome extensions that will help you save time and make life much easier. We’ve listed our top 10 chrome extensions for SEO 1. Keywords Everywhere Keywords Everywhere is one of the best SEO tools that adds information about


The Complete Guide To Livechat For Conversions

how to improve conversions on livechat

Are you on a constant hunt to discover ways and means to improve conversions on your site? If so you’re at the right place. This post throws light on one of the most popular ways to improve conversions. A live chat extension is one of the best additions to your site to improve conversions. How