3 Reasons Why Your Multilingual Social Media Campaign Is Failing

Multilingual Social Media

If you’ve conducted a successful social media campaign in one country, it should be easy to replicate that success in another country, right? Not necessarily! Marketing approaches differ widely from one country to the next, as different audiences respond in various ways to particular styles of marketing. A campaign that works brilliantly in one location


Boost Your Email Subscriber List Using This 5-Step Proven Process

Boost email subscriber list

Boost your email subscriber list using this proven process Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do for your online business. If you boost email list numbers, you will get a direct line to your customers, one which you can use to provide value to your customers, and yes,


Don’t Leave Leads On The Table – Use This Tool to Close More Deals

chat tool

Traditional methods of closing more deals have helped both online and offline business owners. However, instant is what customers seek when approaching a brand. And, big brands are getting a hold of this change. Brands like Coca Cola and JP Morgan decided to eliminate their voicemail systems altogether. Goes on to show that brands want


How to Create a Perfect Buyer Persona To Connect With Your Ideal Customers

Buyer Persona

Creating a buyer persona is the first step towards building a brand. It is all about knowing the prospective customers better to offer a better solution to suffice their requirements. This is possible by tailoring the content you deliver them, connect using various techniques and identify who they really are. Creating a buyer persona to


10 Ideas to Use Colors for Effective Marketing and Branding Strategies

Everybody is talking about color psychology and how to use it for branding and marketing. And here I am, stuck with white paper, thinking on how to fill it with black words. Such a black and white life of mine. Can you imagine a life with black and white colors only? Did I make you