How To Get Your Business Online (Podcast)

Tips on how to get your business on the internet

In today’s podcast Tony explains everything you’ll need to get online in simple, easy to understand steps. He covers domain name choice, types of hosting, web design options & how to start promoting your website the right way so you hit the deck running.


How much should I pay for SEO? (Podcast)

Costs for SEO services

  Hello, and welcome to the Pickaweb Business School Podcast. This is Tony here. And today, we’re going to be answering a tough question, and this is one that gets asked, surprisingly, frequently. And that is, “How much should I pay for SEO?” Now, I hate it when people start answering a question by saying,


What Are Your Options For Bulding A Website? (Podcast)

Web Design Options

  Hi. It’s Tony here. And in today’s podcast, we’re going to be answering the question, What are your options for building a website? And really there’s no single answer. It does depend very much on your business case and on your actual needs. I’ll assume that you’re not a well-funded start-up that’s got tens


What Sort of Videos Should I Create for My Business? (Podcast)

What type of videos should i create for business?

  Hey, Tony here. Welcome to today’s “Pickaweb Business School,” podcast. And I’m going to be looking at video, today. I’m going to be answering the question, “What sort of videos should I create for my business?” Video is a Mega Trend Now, before we get stuck in, I want you to consider a couple


Do Small Businesses Need a Mobile Friendly Website? (Podcast)

Benefits of a mobile friendly site for small businesses

  Hello, and welcome to today’s podcast. And today’s question is “Do small businesses need a mobile-friendly website?” I get asked this question a lot. I think the reason is that small businesses, for some reason, still think that mobile websites are something that big companies do. This is something that international businesses or media-savvy,