10 Myths About Instagram For Business

Instagram represents one of the best marketing opportunities for any business in the social media game. It currently has in excess of 800 million followers, which means a lot of people use it daily. Rivals like Snap Chat have 160 million active accounts in comparison, so there is a lot more opportunity on the bigger


Social Media Plan For Local B2C Business (e.g. Plumber)

Social media strategy for small business

This post is a template for a social media plan for a local Business to Consumer (B2C) business. In it we’ll use the example of a local plumbing business, but this plan could easily be adapted for any of the following local B2C services: Electrician Heating Engineer Gardener Landscaping Builder Kitchen Installer Carpenter Carpet Installer


5 Ways Social Media Management Tools Can Help Boost Your Productivity

Recommended tools for more productivity when using social media

Social media can be extremely time consuming, particularly if you have more than one account to manage. In order to get the results you need for your business, such as raising brand awareness, improving engagement and traffic, making more conversions and discovering potential, you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort. Thankfully, a


5 Innocent Social Media Mistakes That Should Concern You

Common social media mistakes

In today´s post I will share with you some common social media mistakes that you should avoid. Have you ever hit the ‘enter’ button and regretted it almost immediately? Maybe you’ve sent an email or posted a comment on social media for example. I know I have. Well don’t feel too bad – we’re not


5 Quick Daily Social Media Habits That Will Get More Leads For Your Business

Business social media habits for more sales

In today´s post I will share with you some great social media strategies you can use to get more leads and sales. There are few better ways to interact with your potential customers on a daily basis than with social media. In fact, it presents an incredible opportunity that businesses just simply didn’t have but would