14 Helpful Marketing Tools Every SaaS Company Should Use

marketing-tools for SaaS businesses

Without a doubt, there are more and more SaaS tools and business-related apps in the market. No matter what kind of service you provide, or what kind of business you have, you need to have tools that are advanced and feature-rich at your disposal. But there are so many SaaS tools out there that it


20 Steps to Increase Productivity if You’re a Writer

Writer Productivity

Whether writing creatively, academically, journalistically or even just making entries in your diary, writing isn’t something that comes easy to everyone. Even if you consider yourself to be a good writer, that doesn’t mean that every day is going to be an easy day to write. Time constraints and writer’s block are common obstacles. But


How To Transfer iPhone photos To Your Computer

How to transfer Iphone photos to your computer

With iPhone cameras getting better with every new iteration, you are going to need more free space since their images have high resolution. It is not a secret that iPhone devices have sophisticated cameras that produce quality photos thanks to its support for RAW images and 4k videos that produce larger files. If you are


Best Parental Control Apps for 2020

Lately, smartphones have played a great role in our lives and hardly a day passes by without scrolling our mobile devices. We can run mad if we are denied these gadgets. Our kids are following suit and all the time they can spare, it’s even worse. It goes without saying that mobile devices are addictive.


How to Build Your Business With Open Source E-commerce

Opensource business

We receive dozens of requests here at www.opsway.com from entrepreneurs all over the world every month. All of them want to found a new ecommerce business or to improve an existing one. We have probably seen hundreds of launches, failures and successes by now. The reasons for success are different – a fluke or combination