5 Tips to Effectively Optimize Your Website with Images

how to optimize a website with images

If you want to run a successful website nowadays, you need to optimize it with images. This is an important rule you must follow, whether you are just simply running a blog or something more sophisticated like an ecommerce store. #1 – There are so many benefits of using images on your website… They can


Convert Your Website into a Mobile App with These 6 Plugins

website to mobile app how to do it

Your website is the first impression of your business, undeniably. It defines the online presence of your business and that is why you put in all the efforts in perfecting every aspect of it. All the time that you put in it to ensure its optimisation and responsiveness is time well invested. But, what if


Product Page Optimization: 8 Ways to Drive More Conversions

How to optimize your product page

A lot of e-commerce businesses put a lot of effort into their homepage but this level of effort fails to reach the product pages. This is a common but serious mistake as the product pages deserve a lot more attention than it’s getting. Your product pages lay out your actual merchandise and these should be


How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website (Podcast)

Costs involved in building a website

  How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website? Hi. It’s Tony here. And in today’s podcast, we’re going to be answering the question, how much does it cost to build a website? And really, there’s no single answer. It does depend very much on your business case, and on your actual needs. I’ll


10 Reasons Why Your Business Is Screaming For A New Website

Reasons you need a new website

Don’t have a website for your business? You have but your conversions are down? It could be that your website is in direct need of a makeover. First of all, your business needs a website. All your rivals have one and a website offers customers a social proof, ensures you control the narrative, and it