5 Common WordPress Mistakes You Must Avoid

WordPress mistakes

Mistake 1: Not choosing the right platform If you did not know, there are two WordPress platforms.  One of them is WordPress.org, and the other is WordPress.com. When developing a WordPress site, people often make the mistake of not choosing the right platform.  As both of these come within their own sets of benefits and


What is a Sitemap & How To Create It in WordPress

Sitemap explained

For those who have never heard about sitemaps, let us start by defining it. As the word depicts, a sitemap is a map created in your website to show all your web content. Those who work with search engine optimization and the newbies are likely to benefit a lot from sitemaps. Nevertheless, when you don’t


E-commerce Marketing Automation – How Much is Too Much?

Ecommerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is on the rise as more and more consumers continue to go to the internet to make purchasing decisions. And since there are millions of online shops offering a wide variety of products and services to consumers at competitive prices, buyers are likely to patronize these e-tailers than the traditional retailing shops. Using


Popular CDN Providers and How to Use Them with WordPress

Content Distribution Network

Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) are collections of servers located in strategic locations helping sites more efficiently deliver content. They improve websites performance, help increase site availability, offer additional levels of security and help reduce bandwidth cost. They are usually run by companies which specialize in this type of service and offer varying benefits depending on


Paid vs Organic: Understanding Attribution in Your Metrics

paid vs organic advertising

Do you prefer paid or organic advertising? Your answer is most likely ‘both’, since they serve different purposes. According to The Manifest, 86 percent of marketers use both paid and organic marketing tactics. “Organic marketing is critical because it lets you develop and maintain a brand presence,” the report says. “Nurture your audience with a