Interview with Charlie Mullins – Britain’s Richest Plumber (Secret Millionaire)


Charlie Mullins

In today’s interview I was honoured to be speaking to Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers.

If you run your own business then I strongly urge you to listen to this interview as Charlie explains his straightforward approach to growing any business. This is not theory. These are practical steps that ANYONE can implement in their business.

Charlie started his business from a basement in Pimlico London in 1979. He has since built it up to a company employing 200 people with an £18m turnover.

He is often referred to as Britain’s richest plumber & has featured on Channel 4s Secret Millionaire. Charlie has a no-nonsense approach to business & he is totally focused on offering the highest quality of service to his customers.

But Charlie is also keen to put back in to society. He has a work placement programme in place for The Prince’s Trust’s youngsters, carries out mentoring, giving inspirational talks & he works closely with senior members of the government to help develop policies to help young people.

Charlie Explains How He Grew Pimlico Plumbers From Scratch

Charlie explains that it has not been all plain sailing. He explains how the recession of the early 1990’s nearly broke Pimplico Plumbers & how this proved to be a turning point for the business as he learned what was required to grow his business.

You will be pleased to learn that it is just good, plain common sense & as Charlie says, “Common sense ain’t so common these days”.

Charlie’s 10 Golden Rules

Charlie also explains his 10 Golden Rules and he explains how any business owner can find the same rules in their industry and apply them to their business. This is what enabled Charlie to differentiate himself from his competitors. These rules are understood by all of Charlie’s team and this is what allows them to offer an exceptional level of service and which enables them to charge higher prices than the industry standard.

Charlie on recruiting staff

One of the core points that Charlie is passionate about is giving people a chance. He puts his money where his mouth is and Pimlico Plumbers has an active apprenticeship scheme to ensure that their need for high quality staff is continually being met.

Charlie on being a Secret Millionaire

Charlie appeared on Channel 4’s “The Secret Millionaire” and he explains how this has been one of the five most important things he has done in his life. He speaks passionately about how giving back has changed his perspective in life.

I hope that you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I did in asking the questions.

As well as being one of Britain’s most inspiring businessmen, Charlie really is one of nature’s gentlemen as you are about to discover.

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We hope you have found this interview useful with Charlie Mullins from Pimlico Plumbers.

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    Great approach to running a business. Anybody that’s thinking of starting their own business can learn a lot from this. As you say it’s just ‘common sense’.

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      Definitely agree with you on that one Daniel. But as Charlie says – common sense ain’t that common any more!

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    Great interview thanks. Essential viewing for our business. We need more people in business like Charlie, and what he is doing with his placement programme in place for The Prince’s Trust’s youngsters sounds like something we will aspire to as we grow.

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