Convert Your Website into a Mobile App with These 6 Plugins

Your website is the first impression of your business, undeniably. It defines the online presence of your business and that is why you put in all the efforts in perfecting every aspect of it. All the time that you put in it to ensure its optimisation and responsiveness is time well invested.

But, what if your website is not where your business ends (or begins)?

A perfect website is a great platform to convey everything about your business to the visitors and your potential customers. However, sometimes it falls short of meeting the needs of mobile users who, on an average, spend about 2.5 hours on mobile apps daily.

In such cases, your business needs a mobile app for growth, for reaching out to the untouched audience which only deals in mobile apps. But getting a mobile application for your business should not have to be an expensive deal, you can do it by converting your website into a mobile app with the help of these WordPress plugins.

Let us see how.


#1 Web2App

Web2App is a WordPress plugin that will make a full blown native app out of your website. Setting up this plugin is extremely easy. And “easy” does not mean, you would have to make compromises with the quality of the mobile app. Of course, there will be some discrepancies if you compare a converted application with a mobile app that cost thousands of dollars to build but there are ample amount of customisations available for your convenience which will make this app a budget-friendly substitution.

Some of the mobile features included with this plugin are:

  • Social media sharing capability
  • Rating and reviewing the app on Google’s Play store
  • Startup splash screen
  • Various layouts to set up for your app
  • A video tutorial to learn the process of creating your own app


#2 Wapppress

This is a big one on the time-saving side. Wapppress is the plugin that can get your mobile app running and functional in a single minute. Although, being a premium plugin, it is not for those who would like to have the ability to play around with the customization options. 

It simply takes your website and converts it into a mobile app, as it is. Wapppress is best for small ventures, non-profits, freelancers or bloggers who just want to have an established app on the play store.

For this reason, this plugin doesn’t provide many options for app-like add-ons or push notifications.


#3 MobiLoud

Unlike all the other plugins in this list, MobiLoud is not a free plugin. Although it is a highly affordable mobile app service where you talk to their team and trust them to make a mobile app out of your website. MobiLoud’s team offers two services:

  • To specifically target the conversion blogs and news into mobile apps
  • To help mainly high-traffic websites to convert to an app

Another thing to note is that MobiLoud is not a one-time payment service but they do take care of you and your mobile app by the following means:

  • Building specific Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Customizing your logo
  • Push notifications
  • Regular mobile app update and maintenance.


#4 Blappsta

This is one plugin that is not only compatible with Android and iOS devices but also fully compatible with Windows smartphones devices. Apart from perfectly converting your website into a mobile app, it also provides its users with mobile-friendly additional features like:

  • Push notifications for any new post
  • Customized navigations
  • Homepage design customization
  • Control over the organization and positioning of your pages’ content
  • Social media sharing options
  • Email sharing options
  • Deep link indexing for Google

The only thing to notice here is that this one is a relatively new plugin but it’s absolutely free to use and even consists of a preview tool so you can review what your mobile app will look like converted from the website before launching it.


#5 AppPresser

AppPresser is a mobile app builder that can be integrated with WordPress. Although it has branded itself as an easy tool for building mobile apps from websites, it isn’t a tool to be used by non-developers. It requires a substantial amount of customization for building the mobile app from zero (and extra efforts to make it work)

Some of the mobile app features that will part of the deal are:

  • Creating customized pages from any content on the website
  • The functionality of push notifications
  • WordPress extensions compatibility makes it possible to have camera connectivity, google maps and social media logins.


#6 Androapp

An ideal plugin for massively content-driven websites and blogs, Androapp take all your website’s newsfeed and converts it into a mobile-friendly layout. However, this might look like how your website generally looks when opened on mobile devices. But there are still many added functionalities, such as :-

  • Push notification
  • Offline saving of content
  • Custom themes

A single thing to note here is that the iOS mobile app building functionality is still in beta stage for this plugin. So you can only use it for Android apps currently.

In conclusion, although this way of creating a mobile app is speedy and cost-effective, it still requires as much attention and upkeep as a website or any other mobile application does.

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