Creating a Healthy and Productive Work Environment From Home

Many individuals new to the world of freelancing may have a distorted view of what freelancing and working from home entails. They idealize the concept of telecommuting as an unending holiday with plenty of time to chill out, check their Instagram account, and work, well, whenever. Because of this, and other diversions, a very important component of working from home is overlooked…organization.

Organizing your workspace is by far the most crucial step you can take in creating a prosperous and productive teleworking environment. It’s about a lot more than a chair, desk, and computer. Lighting, color, time-management, and a host of other essentials should correlate in order to bring about the best at-home working environment possible. Don’t be discouraged. Your desire to create an ergonomic work environment from home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There’s plenty you can do to make the ambiance of your workspace pleasurable and inspiring within a reasonable budget. So let’s get to it.

Creating the Right At-Home Working Environment 

Here are 8 amazing tips to help you create a dynamic work-at-home ambiance that will get your energy moving for the day.

  • Rise and Shine

So you’re free from the 9-to-5 grind and never felt better. But there’s work to be done. You may see this as a curse or a blessing but setting a time when starting your work day will make you more productive and efficient. In other words, establishing a 9-to-5 structure gives you momentum and is beneficial even while working from home. Keep in mind, the term ‘nine-to-five’ is simply a catchphrase. For instance, maybe your hours are from 10-to-4. Just do you and make it work. 

  • Dressing For the Part

You’ve probably heard stories about remote workers lounging in their pj’s and comfy slippers while performing their remote duties. Even so, though no one can actually see you, unless you’re using a video chat app, then you’re safe from the waist down. Getting properly dressed for a day at the office creates an enterprising vibe within and without. And that’s the whole idea. Dress as if you are actually working in a brick-and-mortar office. If the standard attire is jeans, shirt, and a nice pair of everyday shoes like Skechers. Wear that. Whatever works best. 

  • Claim Your Workspace

To hone in on your remote working skills, claim a workspace dedicated only to you, if possible. That means your own cubicle i.e. office designed around your work needs. No, not in your bedroom or on the living room sofa. Your workspace should be an official area with a desk, a comfortable chair for good posture, reasonably quiet, natural light, and away from distractions. If you can’t create your own private space, do the best with what you have. A small foldaway table that you can conveniently set-up in a well-lit enclave then remove when required or a breakfast bar works as well.

  • Give Your Body a Workout

You don’t have to swim six laps around the pool at the gym; however, there are specific exercises formulated for people sitting for long hours at a time. Studies show that workouts can counteract the negative effects that sitting for long periods can induce. This is not only important for your health but your work productivity as well. Exercise releases feel good hormones called endorphins also known as the ‘happiness hormone.’ This hormone triggers positive sentiments that can stimulate productivity and overall health.

If you’re stressed about a deadline with little time to spare, try standing while working, leg lifts, or roll your shoulders back-and-forth to loosen up a bit. Use an alarm to remind you to take breaks to give your body and mind a boost of renewed energy.

  • The Magic of Color

Colors are truly magical, especially when you are aware of their power. Research reveals that colors are used for everything from motivating people into action to calming frazzled nerves. It’s a given that utilizing color to enhance productivity and well being is a worthwhile investment. For example, during the shorter winter days bright colors can boost concentration and vitalize a dull working area.

In fact, color has been used throughout the ages to great effect. According to the site

During the 1980’s, scientist discovered that painting jail cells with a pinkish hue calmed aggressive inmates.

The best color display for your LCD computer screen is 32 bit. This number has the best color value and depth. Color depth in 32 bit starts from 1 bit (black and white) up to 32 bits with more than 16.7 million hues!

The site also offers a bit of color therapy: 

Yellow is optimistic and youthful.

Red is energetic.

Blue is trustworthy and emanates a sense of security.

Green for wealth and calmness. Think about nature.

Orange is an appetite stimulant and enhances creativity.

Black represents depth and power. Think the LBD (little black dress or black tie)

Pink is romantic and feminine.

Purple exemplifies relaxation and calm.

Take advantage of color psychology in small ways by using accent items like pillows and vases. Strategically use the colors that impress you the most.

  • Keep it Neat

Clutter in your workspace, or any space for that matter, can drive you nutter. Don’t even consider it! A disorganized space is many times indicative of a disorganized mind. It doesn’t mean you’re loony or something, but it could signify that you may have a hard time concentrating. Try to keep your at-home workspace as orderly as possible. If your desk is littered with pieces of paper, snacks, napkins, cups, pens, and whatever else you can fit on top of it, it’s time for clean-up. For instance, desk organizers can hide a multitude of sins. Pen and pencil holders makes them easier to grab and neatly arranged baskets can store your odds and ends.

  • Eat Right

There’s no excuse for eating unhealthily because you have quick access to the fridge all day. Foods can affect your mood for good or ill. Eat foods during your working hours that stimulate your thinking. Known as brain foods, edibles like nuts, oily fish, avocados, and yes, coffee, will supply a healthy mental boost throughout the day. Researchers state that “eating a brain enhancing diet can increase both long and short-term brain function.”

Don’t eat at your workspace. Go to another area to fully enjoy your meal if possible. Avoid sugary foods and overeating. You’ll only windup feeling unmotivated and eager for a good nap!

  • A Whiff of Fresh Air

Another way to boost your productivity is by letting in fresh air. Hot, sticky, or dense air can make you feel sluggish. Fresh air wakes you up. In addition, besides fighting fatigue, fresh air is also hygienic. In fact, pure air fills the lungs with oxygen and helps to purify the blood. Additionally, oxygenated air stimulates energy and boosts mind power. Make it a habit of opening your windows wide first thing in the morning to give your workday a fresh start. If your locality is too noisy to keep your windows open or heavily polluted, use an air purifier from time-to-time to remove contaminates from the air and improve indoor air quality.

Working from home has more pluses than minuses if you take charge and make your environment as productive and healthy as possible. All that’s required is a bit of self-discipline, patience, and a positive outlook, and you’re good-to-go!

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