Digital Marketing Trends and Tech That You Should Look For In 2018

Guide to Digital Marketing Trends

With a huge amount of progress made in the field of digital marketing in the year 2018, many new things are getting included in the Digital Marketing.

Now digital marketing includes a lot of stuff. It includes social media, PPC Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization and much of Content Marketing. All this and more becomes part of the Digital Marketing Initiatives. This trend is going through a massive shift.

Businesses have to pay attention and try to adapt to sustain their business activities.

One can imagine that there is a time where you can regard AI and visual search methods as tactics or gimmicks. Also, these elements were only visualized as something only possible in a movie or a sci-fi series etc.

All this is now a reality. Digital marketing trends and strategies have taken a new turn.

They are evolving and molding themselves according to the current technologies that are part of the cyberspace. The key is to make sure that your product or business stays on the top. Also, they should trend online.

The figures should help you cultivate your business and make it more profitable. It is a universal fact that practices and tactics that have worked for you in the recent times might not be workable in the current year.

There are new trends that keep on coming and upgrading as time passes by. Here are a handful of digital marketing trends and tactics that you wouldn’t ignore in the year 2018 and for times to come.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the critical drivers of almost all marketing activities and processes in the world of today.  The business application of AI or Artificial Intelligence is capable of providing you with information. This information can provide you with the analysis of customer behavior. It will look for patterns, use data accumulated from social media platforms and blogs. All of this can help businesses and decision makers. They can understand the way customers are getting knowledge about their products. Artificial Intelligence also provides information and tips to users. They can do this by getting into discussions and conversations. According to credible sources, more than 84 percent of customer interaction and communication will get managed without the intervention of a human being. Businesses and organization that will add Artificial Intelligence in the year 2018 will provide them with saved costs, more growth and a competitive edge over competitors.

Automating Advertising Using Programmed Advertising:

This includes the use of Artificial Intelligence or AI to automate the process where you buy ads and target audience on a more specific level. This increases your chances to get success in your marketing campaigns and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

According to sources, by the year 2019, more than 80 percent of the digital display ads in the United States of America. This will get done using programmed advertising.

Using Chatbots for Customer Interaction and Communication:

Chatbots are one of the most important trends of digital media. This technology which is based on instant messaging. It uses this technology and format to chat with your customers, stakeholders and other elements of the trade.

Irrespective of what time it is or which location you are communication from. You can communicate with people who will be visiting your website or customers. Many businesses are already using this communication medium and features.

Chatbots are capable of helping businesses with the ever-growing demands of customers in the digital era of today. It enables them to communicate via instant messaging.

Many other communication features are very helpful. Sources say that by the year 2022, chatbots will be able to help businesses to save a hefty amount of money.

This trend is going to be more in the banking and the healthcare sector. From the customer’s point of view, there are many customers who prefer to communicate using Chatbots.

They consider these to be more responsive and provide them with a prompt and accurate response. This is beneficial to work with customers who are impatient. Chatbots also work as virtual assistants that offer a remarkable customer support and services.

This keeps customer expectation high. At the same time, it automates tasks like these and concentrates on the core aspects of the organization and the process.

So how can these chatbots help you? These chatbots answer your queries and perform other tasks. These include providing complete information and processes associated with a product or service. You can provide them with an email address and send details about what you need. All answers become available to users without any human intervention.

Using Videos to Market Your Products:

Making videos about your products helps you get the ultimate marketing goals. It will be good to know about certain facts about ways videos are being helpful to create awareness or sales for different products. These facts are as under:

  • Sources indicated that video consumption using mobile devices grows at the rate of 100 percent every year.
  • Out of all the traffic driven via websites, a video will be able to reach over 80 percent by the year 2019.
  • Click-through rates increase by 200 percent to 300 percent if you try adding a video to your email marketing efforts.
  • More than 90 percent of your customers say that product videos help them make better decisions while making a purchase.

While buying something online, more than 60 percent of people prefer watching product videos. More than 80 percent of the people would prefer watching live videos about a brand than to read a blog.

People also prefer watching live videos as a social post.

One can understand the importance of including videos to digital marketing strategies in the year 2018. This does not mean that you consider using YouTube to do that.

There are other platforms that offer a higher engagement to market your product in a better way. You can start off a live video broadcast using Facebook.

You can also use Sprout Social which has user engagement when it comes to using visual content. You can provide a high quality and informative visual content using video.

Such videos allow you to convey your brand’s message in a more effective way to a larger audience. Sources reveal that a video that has a duration of around a minute is equal to reading more than 1.5 million words.

Many businesses are more inclined towards live videos to perform different tasks. These include conducting interviews, providing live demos of your product and much other visual contents.

Users view BTS of an event and make people aware of the making of certain products. Also, a lot of other information can get conveyed via videos. Facebook and Instagram are launching more cool features for live video streaming. These will help businesses to add up live videos to be part of their social media strategy.

Adding A More Personal Touch For Your Customers:

Adding up a personalized touch to your content is a major way to market your product and is going to help your business or product more progress in 2018. It is about delivering a unique experience to your customers.

This is achieved using choices and preferences of your consumer or target audience. This becomes a better option rather than going for a one-size-fits-all approach.

There is a lot of available data including purchasing history and other variables. These show information on buying patterns and consumer behavior.

This data can be used by businesses to tailor their content and increase their ROI as well. More than 70 percent of marketers agree to the fact that targeted personalization is very helpful and increases customer engagement.

Searching For A Term On Search Engines Using Voice Search:

This is one of the advanced ways to look for a certain search term on Google with your voice. People tend to get the most comprehensive information in an easy way. But, there are people who don’t find it easy to read the whole answer out and get their desired information.

They prefer listening to it using voice search options. Voice searches play a cardinal role to provide the relevant information using the audio content. AI is making itself and managed to reduce the margin of error.

Voice-based assistants including Alex, Siri and Google are a great help in this regard. There are many brands that have include voice searching as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Here are certain facts and figures about ways voice search is helpful as a digital marketing practice.

  • By 2020, around 50 percent of all searches will be voice-based.
  • Around 20 percent of mobile queries on Google are searched using voice search.
  • More than 20 percent of Bing Searches are voice searches
  • Baidu’s around 10 percent search queries come through voice searches.
  • These are some ongoing trends about voice searches. These make voice searching a more advanced search option.

2018 is a year that has brought about great advancements for digital marketers. It brings about immense changes for brands to interact with their target market and audience. In this regard, new techniques and tools have been developed.

The year 2018 is looking forward to considering personalized engagement for digital marketing. Also, these efforts get more leads and conversions.

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