Don’t Leave Leads On The Table – Use This Tool to Close More Deals

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Traditional methods of closing more deals have helped both online and offline business owners. However, instant is what customers seek when approaching a brand. And, big brands are getting a hold of this change.

Brands like Coca Cola and JP Morgan decided to eliminate their voicemail systems altogether. Goes on to show that brands want their customers to get a platform where they have the freedom to reach out faster.

That’s where live chat makes a difference.

Live chat is seen as an online lead generation software that helps in closing a sales deal faster. Customers get a platform where they can approach a brand instantly, while the latter gets to resolve problems and boost brand loyalty. Due to various benefits, live chat is quickly becoming a necessity for business owners.

Let’s take a look at how live chat helps in closing more deals.

Key Stats and Benefits of Live Chat

While many companies have solid online lead generation strategiesin place, some are yet to include live chat in their plans.

Here are a few reasons why live chat is a must for more leads and sales:

    • A study conducted in 2015 highlights that customers showed the highest satisfaction when receiving support through Live Chat rather than email, social media, or telephonic support. The report states that “Organizations who use live chat move customer requests away from web forms and feedback tabs to real-time chat, where questions can be answered directly in the web or mobile experience.”
    • One of the studies’ other key findings was that customers preferred the back-and-forth that live chat offers. In other words, customers are more pleased with customer support personnel who are actively engaged in the conversation. As opposed to receiving robotic and predetermined messages over other forms of support.
    • An E-consultancy study highlights another key aspect of live chat – its immediacy. Imagine a scenario where you need to ask a query. In such a case, would you instead send an email and wait for hours/days or sometimes even weeks to get a basic response or get an almost immediate response through chat. The answer is the latter, as most customers would rather save time and get quick, reliable answers.
    • A third party article also stated the importance of live chats, one of which was that a large number of businesses still believe that customers prefer telephonic support. This belief has led to many of them not having proper lead generation strategies, and consequently failing to close more deals.
    • Live chat is convenient for customers as it enables them to get help anytime, anywhere. Since most online websites that offer live chat, even on mobile devices, the portability helps customers get their queries answered on the go.

      A customer who is looking for a certain product can ask queries on the way to work and buy the product before entering their office. This immediate resolution helps companies greatly, allowing them to grab their customers’ attention and capitalize on it, thus increasing sales using live chat.

    • One of the biggest benefits for companies using live chat is – with the right tools like ProProfs, they can monitor a customer in real-time and gather valuable information. Chat personnel can get real-time data on who the customer is, where they are from, and which page they are viewing. All of this information can greatly help boost lead conversion rates.
  • Almost all the studies on live chat show that companies who use this tool effectively close more deals. There is no arguing with this fact. An efficient live chat helps grab customers and boost sales, but there some live chat tools that can take your understanding of customers to the next level with post-chat reports and surveys as well.

Making Live Chat Work for You

The statistics above prove that live chat is a great tool when it comes toclosing a sales deal. However, an ineffective live chat is as good as no live chat.

So here are some tips on closing the deal, that apply to many industries and businesses:

  • Valuable communication

Most websites need to view their content on the chat-box as ‘Ad’ copy rather than simply providing information. Your live chat can serve as an ‘Ad’ while simultaneously working as a sales tool. Understand that your customer’s time is valuable and that your communication needs to match up to it.

Rather than having a simple chat logo in the bottom corner, consider having a sentence along with it. A simple sentence like “Have queries? Need deals?” can go a long way. The message that your customers receive once they click on the button also needs to be friendly and succinct. 

  • Proper training

The customer care personnel operating the chat needs to be well trained in understanding the problems of the customers and offering the right solutions. For this, they need to be thoroughly familiar with the products on offer and the industry problems they solve.

The chat personnel also need to be friendly and approachable and not simply robotic. Instead of approaching customers as just leads, customer service agents need to treat every customer as an individual. Remember, customers are coming to you to solve their issues and can often be frustrated before they visit you, so be calm. Be prepared with a collected answer is a must.

  • Create a flexible protocol

Since most businesses receive hundreds of query messages, individually answering every small query can often become tedious. To tackle this, most companies create a chat protocol to deal with basic questions. However, these protocols must be flexible and adaptable to every situation, as customers prefer proper answers rather than robotic ones.

  • Software and tools

A great way to implement a working live chat into your website, in the minimum amount of time, is to use tools and software that offer comprehensive support. These tools often have a pre-existing and well-defined platform for live chat across various industries, thus making online lead generation and closing of sales deals more efficient. They also offer real-time data so companies can increase sales using live chat.

Live Chat: The Ultimate Sales Lead Generation Tool

Live chat for sales is a proven method to engage with customers, generate leads, and close sales. Implementing the right live chat strategy with the right tools can elevate your business and sales.

However, when getting a live chat software for your business, try to sign up for free to test how well does it work according to your needs. Plus, also explore what all you may require to build a seamless experience for visitors and close more sales using a live chat.

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