10 Easy Ways To Get More Online Customer Reviews

How to get more online reviews and customer feedback

How To Get More Online Reviews

In today´s post we´ll share with you some easy steps on how to get more customer reviews.

If you think customer testimonials and reviews don’t matter, think again.

We live in an online world, the first place the vast majority of people go to find out about a product or service is online to read reviews.

Look at this chart from a study done by Moz:


Over half indicated that online reviews were fairly important, very important, or absolutely important to buying decisions. Add in the people who think online reviews are a little important and that number goes to almost 68%.

Now, do you want to turn away potential customers because of a lack of reviews?

We didn’t think so.

Here, you’re going to learn 10 ways to get more customer reviews. The best part is these are easy wins, you can start putting them in place today and start seeing results very quickly.

Let’s get started.

#1. Include an Ask in Your Communication

Let’s start with the easiest one here. Are you actually asking your customers to leave you reviews?

If you aren’t, there’s no time better than right now.



Make the ask for an honest review (never ask for a “good” review, it can turn customers off) after a purchase, via your transactional emails, and through customer service chats.

You will see a higher number of reviews just by doing this after each purchase and customer service experience.

#2. Make it Easy

Basic psychology often proves that the more difficult it is for someone to do something, the less likely they are going to do it.

Clearly, the same principle can be applied to asking for reviews.

Don’t make your customers jump through hoops to get them to tell you how great you are. Instead make it very easy, let them give you their feedback in just a click or two. You’ll likely get far more this way.

#3. Ask Quickly

To see the best results with customer reviews, best practices say that you should ask for an honest review within 24-28 hours of a recent purchase or service contact.


The theory being, that you want to ride those positive feelings your customer has.

If your brand was able to help them, or they are happy with their purchase, then they are far more likely to leave positive feedback.

#4. Get a Facebook Page

No matter what kind of business you run, create a Facebook page for your brand, even if it is just a small or local business.

Facebook pages make it incredibly easy for people to leave reviews, and seeing a number of positive reviews on a Facebook page is a very quick and easy way to establish a good reputation and grow your customer base.

Check out this link for more details on Facebook review guidelines and tips.

#5. Tap Loyal Customers

No doubt you have a number of loyal customers who are always ready to buy new products, or come back again and again for your service.

If these people haven’t already left reviews, they are the perfect group to focus on right away. Reach out to them personally, via email, phone, or even through the conventional postal system, and ask them to leave an honest review of your brand.

#6. Say Thanks

Never forget to thank your customers for their reviews, no matter if they are positive or negative. It shows that you are a brand that pays attention and listens, something that far too few brands are doing right now.

Your best rule of thumb is to respond within 24-48 hours of any positive review, and if you can do it, much more quickly if it is a negative review.

You’d be surprised at how a quick response can turn things around. Oftentimes, a bad customer experience that is responded to quickly and with the right touch can turn things around.

#7 Search for Mentions

Also, be on the lookout for your brand’s mentions online.

You might fight someone speaking positively about your product or service on social media without contacting you directly.


Do a search for your brand’s name on social channels and when you come across reviews, be sure to join the conversation.

This is an easy way to build your reach over social media, find a new customer base, and most importantly, delight your current happy customer.

#8. Ask Again

But, we’ve already asked once, isn’t that enough?

Well, you’d be surprised. There is absolutely no harm in asking for an honest review again, especially if you’ve got an email automation system in place (think MailChimp or Aweber).

Check your open rates and simply re-send your review email again to those who didn’t open the original email, a week or so later. Sometimes, the second time’s the charm.

Noah Kagan of AppSumo used this technique and got 10% additional opens on the email. That could mean plenty more reviews with very little work.

#9. Embrace Local Search Directories

There are all sorts of sites out there from Yelp! to Google Places that feature reviews of brands, especially local businesses. If your brand is a local business, these sites can be absolutely invaluable to your potential reach and growth.

Not only will they show the reviews for your brand, but by having these reviews on these other sites, it can actually drive traffic back to your site.

And, being listed in these business directories are a nice source of “link juice” for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, meaning you could see a rise in your rankings.

#10. Don’t Forget Mobile

More and more people are conducting all of their business online via their mobile devices. That means they are browsing, buying, and reading their email on mobile more so than their desktops.

So what does that mean for you?

Your brand needs to be sure you’ve created content that is responsive, that means it can be viewed easily on mobile devices. So, keep that in mind on anything you’re asking for reviews on, be it email or on a thank you page right after a purchase.

Make it easy to say (remember #2) on mobile, and you’ll see a higher number of reviews.

Final Thoughts

Reviews are an incredible “online currency” today, and without them, your ideal customers could end up looking the other way, no matter how amazing your product or service is.

Pay attention to these easy wins when it comes to increasing the number of your customer reviews.

Hopefully, with a great product and customer service, you’ll begin to see plenty of five star reviews rolling in. Those can only help your conversions and gain you more customers in the future.

We hope you have found this post useful on how to get more customer reviews.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.

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